3TB Drive in PowerMac?

I have a PowerMac G5 running Leopard server as my home file server, and i'm looking to start backing up my media center's media collection to a secondary source, so i was thinking about adding a large drive to the tower. I know with Windows machines, a special driver is needed for Windows to see internal drives larger than 2TB. Is this the same with OSX? I have one more drive slot in the PowerMac, so i was thinking a 3TB would suffice and give me space as my collection grows down the road.

I also was going to have the media from the PowerMac, when i put the backup drive in, able to stream to other computers in the house for viewing via SMB with XBMC.

Anyone have any opinions on either my first question or my 2nd idea? Thanks
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  1. Hey friend, a special driver is not needed for Mac OS. A special driver is not needed for Windows either, it all depends on how you format your drive.

    I strongly advice you NOT to add a intenal drive as a backup destination. Get a external drive for this purpuse. If anything goes wrong, its extremely mobile and you can imideatly plug it to any other machine and check your files. Moreover, Apple makes a product called Time Capsule, its available in 3TB, its a wireless HDD for continuous backup with Time Machine, a Mac OS backup application
  2. Ok good, i thought i had to have a certain type of EFI on my mobo in my Windows machine for it to accept a 3TB drive. Well the 3TB wouldn't be the boot drive on the PowerMac, it'll be only for backups. I'm not a fan of time capsule or time machine for that matter; yes it does backup the OS and gives you piece of mind, but i'm the kind of person that if something goes wrong, i would want to do a clean install. But i have several backups of most things, just not my video media collection. Also, the problem that i have faced with external drives being shared over my server, is that when a Windows computer tries to access a file or transfer files, it throws back errors saying that the server disconnected, when it in fact did not. Using the internal drive to transfer the same file alleviated the problem. With that in mind, i would like to stick with using an internal as a backup.
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