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It takes about 2 hours to transcode video from my camcorder and burn to a dvd. What is taking so long, what is making it so slow?
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  1. Little lite on memory. Should really have at least 1 gig nowadays.
  2. To little memory and too many partitions..
  3. Keeping in mind that video encoding is quite a strenuous task. DVD burning does take some time too. Your CPU is fine, but 1GB of RAM should be what you have :) The problem could also be your hard drive sawn into so many pieces but who knows..
  4. I think yall are confused I have a 150 gig partition and a 10 gig partition, that is all.
  5. Yes.. we're all dumb.. you're the one that wrote the "10 partition" in your post... And you then edited it to make us look as we're confused.. when in reality, you're the one who are confused and wrote anything..
  6. i wasn't confused, I missworded it, it was my bad not yours...do you feel better now? :(
  7. I'm slowly getting thru ...
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