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I have an older dell dimension 4600 with a 350W PSU. I'm looking to buy a new AGP video card to last me until the end of the year until I can buy a new system. I have posted on other forums such as dell , and most people tell me I can handle a 6600 gt or a vanilla 6800. I can upgrade to a better PSU if its easy to install. I'm not wanting to spend more than 250 bucks on the upgrade.
I see that the 6800gs and ati x800xt are getting alot of attention , but I may need another PSU for that. Power wise I only have 1 HD and 2 cdroms hooked up. Whats the best card ATI or Nvidia I can take for about $ 250 bucks without buying a new PSU ? Any help would be great.

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  1. If you really don't want to upgrade your PSU, get a 6600 GT or X800 GT, both of which are really good cards in the sub-$150 category.

    Although it's a shame, because around $250 you could probably afford a nice X800 XT or X850 XT... much nicer cards, but I'm not confident the PSU would hold up.
  2. If I decide to upgrade the PSU in order to get a x800xt . Which watt and brand should I get? are they easy to install?
  3. Antec Truepowers are nice, so are Enermax.

    I'd get at least a 450 watt PSU at the very least. 550 or better would be nicer and might last you for another upgrade in the future tho.

    Make sure it's ATX 2.0 (aka BTX) specification if you're buying a new PSU.
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