Asus A8V Game Crashes

So recently I upgraded my 2800+ and correspondant mobo (its gone now, i forget), to an asus a8v and a 3500+.

Get everything poped in and wham.. my newer games like quake 4 and cs:s begin locking up randomly.

it could be 5 min or 2 hours.. and the only thing that gives away that its gonna happen is the screen will jitter like the rams takin a while to do somehting.

i have recently been informed that my ram timings may be off, and that i should inquire here cause u guys are so freaking good at helping poor saps like myself.

my ram is

samsung ve64x64-400
pc3200 @ 200 mhz

my video card is radeon x850xt agp

and ive already tried about a billion agp configuration changes aswell as driver rollbacks and such

any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Try 3-3-3-8 T2, that should work on any Ram. If you need looser timings you might check for compatibility between the Ram and the MB on ASUS's web site.
    Is your Ram a dual-channel kit? If so, what slots are you’re Ram in; some MB's can be sensitive to that.
    Are you OCing? Remember your Ram Mhz is locked to the CPU speed X 2.
    Just some generic thoughts.
  2. yea, tried the new ram timings.. no dif :S

    and the ram is installed correctly according to asus' specs

    and naw.. no ocing..

    man this is a hassle..
    neither ati, nor asus can figure this out
  3. Are you sure its your Ram?
    Have you tried MemTest86?
    If not, do so before pointing at your Ram.
    Download it, do an ISO burn to CD, then set bio's to load from CD first and boot from your Memtest86 CD.

    If it is Ram, try setting your Ram timing to;
    I had some Ram that wouldn’t work unless everything was in AUTO, including the Ram speed setting (exp.. AUTO, 400, 333, 266)
  4. yea jsut tried memtest no errors there

    welp im lost now
  5. Try to raise AGP from 1.5 V to 1.6 or 1.7 V. Disable AGP fast write, also disable "AGP 3.0 calibration cycle" if enabled ( or enable it if disabled ), the same for "DBI output to AGP transaction".
    I hope this helps...
  6. I would agree with YYD, it sounds like a video problem. To test that theory try running Prime95 or SiSoftware's Sandra Lite 2005 (in Burn-in mode) both are free. Run them for 6+ hrs, if you encounter no problems it’s not your CPU or HTT bus. That would make me think Power Supply or Graphics card. You might try down loading a Graphics test program (3DMark2001 SE from MadOnion for example) to test your GC under a load, change settings to run continually at highest resolution..
  7. fresh install?
  8. i hate reading all these stories but im afraid i am experiencing the same results...

    i just got my new pc (upgrade) home and the system runs dang fast and stable...however, when i load games like bf2, it loads and will go thru the menus etc and connect to a server...BUT THE INSTANT i set foot on the map (direct 3d) it crashes... every time... im going to try the 4x setting in bios and disable the fast write as several has mentioned and reply back shortly with results. I have noticed that when trying to run in 1024x768 as it was before on the same card, it crashes instantly like i mentioned...however if i lower everything to low settings and go to 800x600 it will work a few seconds just fine...then crashes... so this has me puzzled...
    anyways the system is as follows

    a8v motherboard
    2 gigs of corsair ddr400 (2x1gig)
    430 watt antec
    amd 3500 x64
    western digital 10,000rpm 150 gig sata
    ati radeon 9700pro
  9. problem solved

    changed to 4x and disabled fast writing in bios and runs great... graphics look tons better on the new system even though its the same card...
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