ram timing for samsung

recently i have been informed that my ram timings probably arent set right.

asus recommended that i find the timings for my samsung ram, because my computer is showing ram timing related instability and failures.

in games my computer will start to jitter even after the texture loading jitters have occured.. and then wham.. the game shuts itself off..

my current ram is

samsung ve64x64-400
pc3200 @ 200 mhz

any way to configure this properly would be greatly appreciated.. i know nothing about ram timings..
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  1. go into the bios- follow the manual directions if need be - and reset the memory settings to default. This should auto-detect the memory and configure the settings that are coded in the spd chip on the memory.
    If your doing any other overclocking set back to default also.
    If the problem goes away then you can just leave everything where its at untill you become a little more knowledgable about the settings.
  2. Try downloading a copy of memtestx86 and running it through a couple of cycles.

    That'll tell you if you have a memory problem.

    If it's just doing it in games, that might be your gfx card, so make sure you confirm it is your memory.
  3. hmm yea i ram memtest and received no errors

    so if memtest isnt reporting errors im guessing a game wouldnt either?
  4. That would seem to indicate that the RAM's good then.

    Most likely I suspect a driver/DirctX problem.

    What game?
    What driver?
    What card?
    What PSU?
    What board?

    Feed us with your specs!!!!
  5. css g4
    catalyst 6.1 (tried regressing)
    450 watt psu (i know it can power the card)
    asus a8v
    3500+ 64 bit
  6. Just a thought, but what voltges do you have the ram and CPU at?
  7. Areyou able to run 3d marks 2005?

    First port of call I think would be to check the .net installation to make sure that's running fine. I dont know how you can do that.
    Second would be to clean off the Vga driver entirely and then reinstall. I've see utils that do that. Have a look on majorgeeks

    My brother's had very similar symptoms - he found that it was becasue the fan connection on the card was faulty, and the fan was running intermittently

    The PSU might well be rated high enough to power the card, but have you got the same power line that feeds the card ALSO powering some hard drives/cd roms etc etc. Try using a seperate voltage line for the GFX card and see if it is just that the power is dropping off too much.

    Set all the BIOS settings to "Optimised defaults" and then turn off any of the AI overclocking (ie set all the overclock options to manual, and then set them to the correct bus speed - usually 200Mhz. Lock the PCI bus at the correct speed too)

    Ensure that the card is in properly, and that the AGP (or is it PCI-e) connector is clean, and that you have the external power making connection.

    If that fails try the card on a different PC. I'm guessing that it's that that's at fault.

    That's my checklist exhausted.
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