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Is it true that you can't use an Asus A8N32-SLI deluxe in a lian li V2100 case because the Motherboard is reversed and it will ruin the heat pipes and board? I read it in a New Egg comment for the case.
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  1. What benefit do you get from flipping the MB upside down in the case like that? Just curious
  2. What is a good case for Water cooling and Asus A8N32-SLI?

    Here is the rest:

    BFG 7800GTX 256mb
    Seasonic S12-600
    AMD X2 4800
    2x WD Caviar 320gb
    2 GB Corsair XMS 3500
  3. If Its Heat That Runes Them (Or Lack Of Being Able To Get Rid Of It) Since Im Assuming The Are Passevely Cooled, Why Not Just Add Some 40 - 50mm Fans To Them That Moves The Air In The Right Direction?
  4. this case is overkill tone it down and save some cash.
    if your spending tat on a case i would recommend a dfi motherboard. i would not use asus if you that kind of cash.,
    or save the money from the case and buy the dfi sli-dr expert.
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