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Well guy's i'm finally to the point where i need a new gaming rig, and i have around a $1700 budget and i will be getting a new comp sometime next month when i get my tax return back. Here is the system that i have put together.

Biostar Tforce6100-939 MB small form factor 69.99
aspire X-qpack red and black alluminum case 85.00
Lite on 16x dual layer burner 5x RAM 45.99
Western Digital 250 gb 16mb cache sata 3.0 gbs 110.00
2x512 OCZ Gold Edition Cas 2 ram 97.44
Amd Opteron 148 Venus 2.2 ghz 259.99
Creative Audigy 2 ZS 70.00
Evga 7800 GT 295.00
Acer Ferrari Red-Black 20" widscreen LCD 579.99
Shipping 65.00

Total 1677.00

It will purly be a gaming rig, i'm going small form factor for the ease of taking it to lan parties and i'm goin with the red/black look for a nice clean cut rig. if i could get some input on it i would be happy =)
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  1. sounds pretty nice, get the 146 opty to save some cash and maybe get 2Gig of ram instead. A nice HSF will let ya overclock hella hard, but even the OEM hsf will get ya in the upper 2's (say 2.7).

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