The mysterious re-appearing scandisk error

Hi, On my Friends computer I can find a error file with scandisk everytime I re-boot. I then delete the file, re-scan and it's gone. I then Re-boot and another variation of the filename re-appears. The file is sometimes
??werpnt.!~! or ?7werpnt.!?! This file looks like a powerpoint file but he doesn't have that app installed. Could this be a temp file that WinMe is using then deleting? He did a total low level format and re-installed WinMe but still has this problem. I haven't flashed the bios but I did clear it by re-moving the battery. I can't find any negative effects from this but it is annoying.

AMD 1.33
MSI K 7 Master
SB Live Platnium
Plextor 16x cd-rw
Creative Labs PC-DVD 12x Encore
MSI 815 Pro 64mb GeForce2
3Com nic
Antec 1030 303ps
Digital Doc 5
6 fans

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  1. Have you run a virus scanner as this could be a virus - try and then scan the hard disk, the fact it is repeating itself and reapearing is suspicious


    A Life, where can i download one of those from?
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