If Everyone Believes They Are Right, Then Who Is?

Science states that there is only One (1) correct answer. Personally I like the Buddhism because they don't believe in any diety, no Buddha is not a "god" but more of an enlightened one who made it to "Nirvana". I don't agree with all aspects of Buddhism, however I like their "chill" philosophy.

The Jews are still waiting for "Jesus" to return to Earth.
The Christians obviously have accepted "The Jesus" as the one and only "Son of God".
The Greeks believed in Zeus and company.
The Mormons believe in some crazy stuff that only a Mormon would believe so I won't even post it here....something about "special" underwear and rulers of your own planet.
The Catholics believe the Pope is "God on Earth".
The Scientologists believe that aliens created man.
Most Christians believe one goes to either Hell or Heaven after death, while they still believe in the 2nd Coming of Christ to take them all to Heaven and cast all the bad ones to Hell.

After being raised in a Christian home, I have decided to become an Atheist/"Scientist" (because I believe in the Scientific Method). As my post asks, if everyone believes their religion is "right", and as we all know not everyone can be "right", then does that mean that everyone is "wrong"?

Unfortunately I haven't studied every religion under the Sun so I have just posted a bit of what I have garnered over the years. I'm not trying to convert anyone or change anyone's mind but just ask you to think about it.
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  2. Well I guess we will have to take out the internet on a crazy all weekend bender. Because I find that is a good way of wiping a few memories in bulk.

    Why dont you just make me a mod and I will delete all the comments you want :)

    My input is Religion is internal. If you really truly believe in your religion then there is no reason to enact it on anyone else. I feel like if you believe in your Belief System (I think we can shorten that to BS) says that God will judge you then let God judge me, dont shoot anyone to get them to the front of the judgement line. Because as soon as it comes down to my BS vs your BS facts dont matter its just beliefs.
  3. I have a BA Hons ??
  4. First ask, "Is there absolute truth?"
    "Science states that there is only One (1) correct answer." Are you absolutely sure that this is a true statement? This is a foundational statement that you/we are building this whole thread upon.
  5. No one religion has is "right". What is "right" is wholly subjective and depends on the individual's perception.

    Absolute truth is the abstract end point desired by all who seek answers to the larger questions of the universe.

    We ask these larger questions because human beings have the inherent ability to think in the abstract and the need to rationalize the unanswerable.

    "Science states that there is only One (1) correct answer."
    There is only one correct answer if you believe that the means justifies the end. Conversely, if the end justifies the means, then there are multiple correct answers. Not to over simplify, if the means justifies the end, the only 2+2=4 and there can be no other variables that results in 4. But if the end justifies the means then, 2+2=4 and 3+1=4 and 0+4=4 and any other mix of variables can reach the same result without being incorrect.
  6. We are building this thread on Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Occam's Razor, and Schrodinger's Cat, seen through Schopenhauer's Lens.
  7. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Sometimes when dealing with the truth there is no right or wrong. It just is.

    I'm not a scientologist, but I believe the "Gods" of ancient man were actually advanced beings not of this Earth with fantastic technological means.

    They, the "Gods" created man in their image to do their bidding. A very select few are the decendants of these "Gods" still living on Earth today. They are the 'El'ite among us. They own all the important land, all the natural resource wealth, the gold mines, diamond mines, etc.

    While they cooked up all these great religions to fool the sheeple of the planet, they continue to reap the wealth of the Earth much like the Psychlos in Battlefield Earth. Yes, a scientologist book but still a good sci-fi read.

    my $0.02

    Sounds like somebodywho just watched "Prometheus" :D

    I myself am fairly agnostic, although when I get as old as say, JDJohn :D I might get religion all of a sudden, just to cover my sorry arse in case there is a creator!
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