PCI Raid Card vs PCI-E Raid Card

Using Raid Card rather than Onboard Raid can lower cpu resources, Moreover, moving on raid card.
Considering PCI Raid Card and PCI-E Raid Card, configuring on raid 0, will the type of the card affect on the transfer performance since PCI-E x1 running at 250MB/s and PCI running at 133MB/s.

My options and justifications for either one would be:
PCI: more available slots, cheaper price

PCI-E: lower power consumption(haha), more bandwidth?!

Last but not least, I would like to save the only PCI-E x1 for futher expansion.

If I had made any typos, feel free to correct me.
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  1. Running RAID 0 on a PCI card would be the equivalent of putting a V-12 in a Kia Rio.

    It's just stupid. :-)

    PCI-e is definitely the better option- price be damned.

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