Hi I am seeking help, I am encountering iastory.sys Driver_IRDL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problem. I tried system restore, loggin in to safe mode but I cannot login (normal mode and safe mode). I did the viao diagnostics, all test turned out okay.
how do I proceed with this? please help.
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  1. I would download and install the latest Intel RST Drivers, which relate to iastor and see if that fixes the issues.

  2. thanks i will try to update the intel RST Driver thansk so much
  3. Definitely saw an issue related to Drivers for 'iaStor.sys' on the HP model 6730b laptop. If the Driver on your system is version '', and this can be found using [Start] > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information, then 'Components' > 'Storage' > 'IDE', you should consider the update from HP's site.

    I ran into an issue where the User was seeing a Blue Screen with 'STOP:' message and the code 'D1' in the Hex part, and HP specifically covers this in the 'Revision History' of the available Storage driver.
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