My PC no longer boots!


I'm hoping someone here can help me figure the next steps in diagnosing my very sick HTPC system.

The system is built in a X11 case with the VFD and a Gigabyte GA-8I945G motherboard. It has been running for about a month without a problem but two nights ago I shut it down, removed a tuner card, and tried to start it back up. The operative work is tried. The machine would no longer boot.

Nothing is displayed on the monitor, no beeps. The PS, CPU, and case fans come on, the VFD on the front of the case displays the standard boot message, the hard drives power up but no activity, the ethernet adapter has power and activity lights.

I put the tuner back in but that did not fix the problem.

I have removed all the expansion cards and swapped out the video card with a different one, no change.

I removed the memory sticks one at a time but no change.

Any idea on how to diagnose this further? Is the motherboard likely to be the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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  1. With just the minimum configuration inside your box, have you tried to clear the cmos?
  2. Yes (at least I think I did it properly). The motherboard has jumper pins to clear the CMOS which I closed to clear the CMOS. The manual was a bit vaugue on this but I left the jumper on for a couple of minutes. I also cycled the power while the jumper was on. No change.

  3. There must be a short some place, I have had similar problems. But I have the luxury of working in a lab that has plenty of spair power supplies. Usually when swap one out, it fixes the problem, but then when I later on test that samp PSU it works so who know the orignial problem. Try doing a mini re-build of sorts, reseat the cpu, sawp out a psu if you have one. Sometimes it could be a staic problem that you didn't notice, which can mean trouble.
  4. My best guess is that you knocked something loose while removing the tuner card. If you feel energetic, disconnect all of your cables and power connectors and carefully re-plug them, then try to boot it up. PCcashCow's advice is good, too.

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