Programs wont open if comp is left idle

i have been experiencing a very frustrating problem, if i leave my comp idle for a few hours i find that none of my programs start, and sometimes i cannot even open olders on my desktop, double clicking any shortcut or even the .exe in the root program folder results in nothing happening. the start menu still opens but i cant select restart or log off as they do not appear, i can still shutdown but it takes about 30 seconds before acually responding and shutting down.

Also should mention that if i open any program eg: photoshop or nero and leave the computer idle, when i return and try to continue using the program it will stop responding most of the time, any either ctrl-alt-delete or shutdown is required to quit.

my power management setting are all off, hybrid sleep is comp is set to never sleep in any way.

i am running windows 7 pro x64, i3 processor, 4gb ram

please help, i have been pulling my hair out for a couple of months with this.

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  1. I don't know what would cause that, but I think I'd start by checking the event viewer for anything unusual. I'd also use memtest86+ to test my ram. You can also check the device manager and see if any device has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. If it does, it needs a driver installed for it.
  2. Are these programs accessing files from another HDD which is not where your OS is installed?

    It sounds like you have HDD which have be put on standby and when accessing programs or shutting down the HDD is being activated, setting these drives to active should sort this out.
  3. hi,
    thanks for the replies,
    i only have one hdd and my power setting are all maxed, so nothing sleeps or turns off. event viewer didn't show anything of note, everything is fine in device manager.
    i guess i can try memtest....the comp is only a few months old and has been having this problem since the beginning, and if i sit at it for 8 hours working i have no problems, its only when i leave it for a few hours that this occurs, so i'm not convinced it could be the ram, but will test anywys.
    thanks again....if you have any other thoughts please reply.
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