Dual P3 system what kind of performance can i expect??

My job was throwing out a bunch of older computers, so I went through them and got some decent parts for free. I got a bunch a pc133 256meg sticks a pair of P3 1ghz 133/256k cpu's and a pair of 40gig hard drive. All for free so i couldnt pass it up.

So I was thinking of what to do with these extra parts?? Then by chance the other day while surfing the net I came upon a onnline store that had some old P3 mobos for sale and they had an Asus CUV4x-dls for like $30. It supports dual p3 1ghz cpu and 4gb of pc133 sdram. Perfect for the free parts I just got. I would set it up as follows
Asus cuv4x-dls
2x P3 1ghz
4x 256meg sdram
2x 40gig hard drive
Asus Geforce mx440 128meg
Chaintech av710 soundcard

So I guess my question is, is it worth the time and effort to put together a system with these parts?? It seems like it would be worth it since it will cost me next to nothing. And right now the only computer I have is this old Duron 900/256meg laptop which is slooow. Will XP pro take advantage of the second cpu?? How do you think it will perform compared to this laptop im using, will it be a significant step up??

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  1. XP Pro will use the second CPU just fine. :)

    The performance will, of course, beat the laptop's. Hell, the hard drive performance alone will probably make you dance for joy. :lol: Were it me, I'd definately use those parts. :)

    And remember, you can always dedicate the old laptop to Folding@Home for THGC. :wink:
  2. BUild it and have fun, every cpu deserves a mainboard, and while not quite a FEAR or HL2 machine, a dually P3 will make a light file/print server for home, and will still play a mean game of Quake3!
  3. Well I guess I will order the mobo tommorow. Since I have two hard drives which would be the best way to set them up?? Should I put XP on one and all other programs on the other?? Or any other ideas?? The computer will be used for mostly basic stuff web surfing, word processing, pictires, music...etc no gaming. Is there anything special I will have to do in XP to set it up for dual cpus? You think a system like this(dual P3 1ghz 1gig sdram) will perform as well as one of the new entry $300 Dell's with Celerons and 256megs DDR? Or will the Dell still beat out the older technology? Just trying to get an idea of what kind of performance I can expect. This old notebook is real slow especially when u have more than a single program running.
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