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A few postings on various forums have indicated a large number of AMD 761 chipset mobos currently have major conflicts with recent forceware drivers from nvidia and the 6 series of geforce cards. I wanted to get an idea of how many readers here have experienced the same problem. Nvidia have claimed they are working on a driver update to fix this as this conflict only arose really around 80+ versions of Forceware. I sadly purchased a 6800GS AGP and although performance is kick ass compared to my old Geforce3 Ti200 I know I am losing a lot by using the AGP controller to PCI-PCI bridge driver switch. In the case of the GS, only the 82.12 beta drivers recognize the card which compounds the issue as I can't fall back to older drivers as a temporary fix. If you've experienced this problem, perhaps even unknowingly (did you suddenly get black screens with dots after booting up with latest nvidia drivers?) please post so I can get an idea of how commonplace this is.
Also, if you have had success with any other work around for this problem please post. Finally, if you happen to work at Nvidia and read this, please know that there are people out there that don't have the money to fork out for a PCI-E system right now! :evil:
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  1. u'd better change ur mobo&cpu dude. How fast is ur 6800gs? Faster than gf3 ti 200 of course, but how much faster? 5-10 fps and 400 pts in 3dmark? U will see a lot off difference(10 times faster is enough? :D) if u change those things, just try and see 4 urself.....
  2. Well, my 3Dmark03 score went from 984 to 7845 so that is a pretty hefty jump. My fps are maybe 10-20fps faster.....but at 1020x728 instead of 800x600 (and even lower for things like HL2: Lost Coast!). I can now play FEAR and BF2 comfortably so, I can't really complain about the increased performance - I can't even say for sure I am seeing the 40% decrease in performance as others have suggested as I am unable to compare earlier driver versions. I can't believe my 3Dmark03 score would get far above 10k without some serious overclocking anyway.
    My interest here is really whether other people have the same problem. I know the 761 chipset was used quite extensively and I could return my card for an ATI alternative but I am keeping my fingers crossed Nvidia can fix the issue that they created in the first place!
  3. I have experienced complete system lockups with a blank screen after installing Nvidia drivers for a BFG 6800GS OC card on an Abit KG7-RAID mobo (AMD-761 chipset) . The problem symptom is different in Win98SE and WinXP. Page faults occur in Win98SE while WinXP locks up without providing information. After booting WinXP in VGA mode, I was able to see that there is a major memory address range conflict between the AMD-761 and the 6800GS. The drivers are never fully installed due the crash that occurs during installation, which creates more problems after the system is rebooted (ie. some driver *.dll files remain on the hard drive even thought the Nvidia uninstall program appears to have successfuly uninstalled them).

    RE: "...this conflict only arose really around 80+ versions of Forceware."

    In my case, this conflict still occurs with driver version 71.50, which was provided with BFG's retail 6800GS OC.
  4. Quote:
    A few postings on various forums have indicated a large number of AMD 761 chipset mobos currently have major conflicts with recent forceware drivers from nvidia and the 6 series of geforce cards

    [First of all sorry for my bad english!]

    Yes, I have this problem too. :(
    I have a Gigabyte 7DX motherboard with AMD 761 chipset and a Leadtek Geforce 6800 graphic card.
    I can't install 80.xx and 81.xx Forceware drivers.

    I have asked a solution for this problem in many forums.latest forums was Guru3d (It's not a spam!).

    I don't know what should we do.should we send an e-mail to AMD or nVIDIA ?

    get a new mobo quick

    Perhaps it is the last way,but it's not the best way !
    I am going to buy an XBOX 360 and in near future, I will not play with my PC forever but I like to fix problems ! I must fix the problems ;)
  5. After having problems with the BFG 6800 GS OC, I replaced it with a XFX 7800 GS XT. The problem still occurs with the 7800.

    History shows that time, patience, and new drivers may very well resolve this issue. After reviewing 50+ forums, I have read about past conflicts between older Nvidia cards (ie. Geforce 2 MX) and the AMD-761 chipset. My system runs great with the Geforce 2 MX 400 and the Geforce 4 Ti 4600 while others have had problems with the exact same mainboard. This suggests a difference in software drivers.

    In regards to solving the problem by purchasing a new mainboard, I suppose I could spend the $80-$100 and sell the old one on eBay. If it comes to purchasing a new mainboard, I personally prefer to keep the old system running and spend my money on the next generation platform with PCI-Xpress, SATA w/ NCQ, and EFI. That would also require me to invest in a new CPU, DIMMs, hard drives, and of course a nice new PCI-Xpress graphics card. It really comes down to personal or financial decisions. For the moment, I am going to hold out and give Nvidia a chance. Imagine spending the time and money to purchase and install a new mainboard to replace a perfectly good board and then have a fix released shortly after.

    There's always the challenge of introducing a new product into the mainstream market. The real benchmarks and compatibility tests take place in the wild. The same thing applies to the automotive industry. Buy a new car after the first or second model year to ensure the bugs have been ironed out. In this particular case, I imagine there won't be any more AGP cards released after the 7800 GS.

    I would like to think that there are enough users out there running AMD-761 chipsets for this issue not to be ignored by Nvidia and card manufacturers who want to make money on mainstream market gamers. Give gamers an excuse to go with ATI? In the words of Vizzini, "Inconceivable!"

    I currently have an open dialog with XFX who mentioned consulting with Nvidia. We'll see how it goes.
  6. Hey Persian,

    I took a look at the guru3d forum link you included in your previous post - I notice you were also using an XP1700+ system with your 6800. I have the same CPU and a 6800GS video card and have been using them together satisfactorily by switching the CPU to AGP controller driver to a PCI to PCI bridge generic driver (as you've likely seen posted on several other forums). I was interested to see if you tried this fix and could thus compare performance between this and the use of the 78.05 driver. I can only use the 78.05 driver if I go in and alter the inf file on that version to include the 6800GS (otherwise the only other driver option is the 82.12 beta) so I'd be interested to hear your findings on this if you have any.
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