HELP!!! FS only runs 800X600!

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I cannot set the Display Settings in Flight Simulator. FS won't
recognize that I have graphics acceleration (FX5600).

It runs in default 800X600, and won't allow any sliders to be dragged
for adjustment. No tabs at the top of the Display Settings screen.

FS9 looks terrible, this way!

Now, there's a reason for this - I have just had a major hardware
failure - mobo and power supply both fried, and replaced at a cost of
$300 CAD.

So the BIOS setup may not be correct for the nVidia FX5600. I looked
through the ASUS BIOS setup utility, and AGP has priority over PCI.

I just re-installed the 71.84 "kosher" drivers, but that didn't help my
problem - FS9 won't allow me to USE all the capabilities of my video

Here is a snippet from my FS9.cfg:

[DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600.0]




The above extract looks OK to me...

I ran DXDiag, and my video card seems to work fine.

Any other video tests I should do? Time to re-install FS9?

I'm sure there is a straightforward reason and fix for this FS9 display
problem, but I don't know what it might be...

Anybody seen this before?

- Jeff
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    Jeff wrote:

    > I'm sure there is a straightforward reason and fix for this FS9
    > problem, but I don't know what it might be...
    > Anybody seen this before?

    Jeff, I had a similar problem when I upgraded my graphics card. Try
    renaming your FS9.cfg file, then restart the sim to see if it will
    recognize your new card and drivers, then rebuild the FS9.cfg file.

    If that doesn't work, you might be able to reinstall the sim right over
    your existing install without having to remove any addons. The only
    couple of caveats here I can think of is that you would lose any
    texture replacements you may have installed to replace the defaults,
    and your scenery.cfg file would need to be updated with all of the
    scenery you added.

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    WindowBlinds was trying to "skin" the FS9 window.

    WindowBlinds is one of those programs that change the look and feel of
    the Windows interface. Otherwise known as "Eye Candy".

    It's payware, made by Stardock ( It does steal
    resources from FS9, so I often either unload it manually, or just run
    EndItAll to close and kill all unnecessary processes, before running
    Flight Simulator.

    I just had to tell WindowBlinds NOT to skin FS9 at all (Per Application
    setting in WB Configuration).

    Now, WHY, all of a sudden, was WB interfering with FS9's display

    I think I know, and it has nothing to do with my mobo friture, or my
    new BIOS settings.

    No - it's because I began, just the other day, to run FS9 in Windowed
    mode - I am working with Rana Hossain's Beta Testing team on new
    versions of FSM Moving Map, and that required me to run FSMMM in its
    own window, which in turn requires FS9 to be in windowed mode.

    As soon as WB saw this "new" application in a window, it skinned it!
    And from the time I closed FS9 until the next session, WB added FS9 to
    its skin list. Even though I run FS9 Full Screen almost exclusively, WB
    still had its "hooks" into the FS9 display routines.

    So put that into your FS9 Knowledge Base, mates!

    - Jeff
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    Jeff wrote:

    > So put that into your FS9 Knowledge Base, mates!

    OK, I will be sure to file it under "solutions most likely to never be
    applicable to any future user." :)

    Happy to read you resolved your problem.

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    On 13 Apr 2005 07:36:43 -0700, jschall wrote:

    > WindowBlinds was trying to "skin" the FS9 window.

    Why on earth would you even have such a silly program installed anyway?

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