Need some help with Arctic Silver 5

It came today and I've never used it (or any other thermal grease, I always use the pads that are attached to HSF's). I decided to use it on the 2.4G celery(as a test), heres the problem my fan now spins at 1600 Rpm (used to be 2200rpm) the chip goes to 60C and the fan goes to 3500 Rpm and never lowers. Its an OEM comp and Speedfan wont let me set the Fan Rpm to 2200. I made sure it was a thin layer, cant tell if its transperant becuase silver on a silver heat spreader doesnt help. Could I have put too much or not enough?

Any opinions are welcome. Its a POS anyway thats why I used it as a test rat.
Temps before 50C idle / 57C Load
Temps now 52C idle / 60C Load

Not making me comfortable about using AS5 on my AMD X2.
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  1. Sounds like you may not have enough on there and have air pockets causing it to heat up. The surface of the heat spreader and heat sink are never perfectly flat, so there will be places you need a bit more to fill the void.

    I always apply thinly, then do a "fit check" pressing the heat sink down to contact the heat spreader, then remove and look for good contact. If I see a void, I add a bit more AC5 there and do another fit check. Only when you get complete contact across the heat spreader will you get good performance.
  2. I looked at the as5 instructions here

    It says half a BB for Intel CPU's I put 3/4 of a bb and it barely covered it.

    I made sure to remove all the old stuff (with Isoproxawhatchamacalit alchol) and let it dry. I just dont get why the Fan RPM changed, if it had stayed at 2200 Rpm all would be fine.

    EDIT: I also made sure none ended up on the mobo. I guess I need a new PSU (the one I'm using has cut wires from factory), new HSF, and probably a fan controller.
  3. Read the instructions carefully, Arctic Silver takes over 24 hours to fully sink in.
  4. Anyone?? It was folding for our team but I dont trust it when I'm sleeping or out so help me or we lose a comp on our team.
  5. My friends and I have had great success with AC5, usually lowering the temp by at least a few degrees C.

    The problem you describe does seem a bit odd. I agree with Scout, make sure you're completely covered. And heh....I'm rather generous with my heatsink compounds. I make sure that none squishes out onto stuff, but I apply healthy amounts. ;)
  6. It seems I must appologize to anyone that read this. It seems it was my inexperience with AS5 that was the problem. A few hours ago I cleaned everything again and re-applied AS5. The Fan RPM is still 600 lower but the temps are now the same as before. 3C lower if I remove the side plate.

    EDIT: I'm still gonna wait a week or 2 before installing the new HSF with AS5 on my AMD X2 3800 (I like to be cautious and see results with my own eyes, its too bad my test subject as well as me have screwed up too much to get valid results)
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