buying a new computer

i am looking at puchaseing a new computer, or gaming and also running 3d programs and photoshop etc..
im not sure what to buy although i do kno i want and athalon not an intel
my budget is about 800-1000 and i want the most bang for my buck.
i have looked at sites but i am not sure what to buy here is a look at what i came up with:

-AMD athalon 64 3200+
-OCZ EL PC3200 2x512 duel channel
-Maxtor diamond Max 100GB SATA 8ms (i dont want a bigger one)
-floppy drive
-EVGA E-GForce 6800XT 128M 256bit PCI-E VGA
-OCZ 450W modstream Power supply PCI-E ready
-Samsung 16xdvd writer 5x duel layer
-Creative labs soundblaster audigy 2 PCI 24 bit
-Windows XP home
-plus 50$ for assembly and testing

that all comes to:about $1350 cdn (total w/taxes) 8O

Can you please help me tell me if it is good or what i could change...
also i was considering buying a pc from somewhere like futureshop and then just upgrading that over the years
Im also leary about purchasing a pc because of windows vista comming out and maybe waiting for it.....

please help me, Thankyou
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  1. If your leary about a new OS, the wait to buy pre-built system that will come with OS. You could save money that way, but why wait that long?

    First thing that comes to mind is the HDD, why not larger? My Gimp projects take up 40% of a 150gig raid and I'm a beginner with it. Also I think you could fit in another gig of ram into your system, you'll be happier in the long run, trust me!

    Ditching the floppy (if your buying one) can save some money, it's not really needed these days.

    It seems your going for low to mid grade card, if this is what you want then youll do fine.

    So you have a case? From what I can tell you'll come in way under 1000 in with this set up, but would up the ram, change to a larger seagte, and go with a better video card or cpu to max out at the 1000 mark, (i think your at 850 now?)
  2. Vista is garbage not worth waiting for.

    I'd suggest XP for games and Linux or BSD for work :D

    Grab a 6800GS or better and a WD2500KS HDD. The 250GB HDDs have the best price/GB :D
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