What is it about EIDOS games?

I can't get eidos games to work on my machine...is it Asus mobo nvidia chipset bfg 6800 oc card??? They wouldn't run on my ATI 9800 pro either. The latest one is Shellshock...I see all the video lead-ins but when I try to play all I see is the HUD and 6 wide bands of color. The mouse navigates the HUD but nothing but those bands of color. Perfectly vertical about three inches wide. No patch at EIDOS! all drivers up to date...

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  1. I just dont look at them or install them, Eidos makes crap titles, plain and simple.


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  2. Totally agree...If I had noticed it was Eidos I would never have bought it...I will double check from now on!!

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  3. Rule of thumb read who makes the game before purchaseing.

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  4. Can't say I have ever heard of someone not being able to play a game made by Eidos before. I'd blame the computer before I'd blame the maker.

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  5. Never heard of the game even.

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