What happens when you RAID 24 SSD Hard Disks !!!!!

What happens when you RAID 24 SSD Hard Disks !!!!!
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  1. Crikey !!!
  2. SSD's are the future. Im very happy with the SSD i put in my laptop. Huge speed increase and boot time is around 15 seconds.

    The only downsides are cost vs storage space and when an SSD fails it fails completely.
  3. I want to put one in my M405.

    I have an old 1st Gen SSD here ... it died ... POS 64GB G-Skill Falcon II.

    I tried a Momentus XT ... not bad for a hybrid.

    Might put 2 Momentus Hybrids in my next build.
  4. Warning ... techtalk detected in forum 65 ... sterilisation protocol about to be enacted ... remove all objects from your orifices.

  5. What was that defrag thing in the film?

    Anyway, I have a SSD, but I still defrag my HDD.
  6. Im not even sure how dragging an SSD would work..... Just put all the data into cells that are joined, because its definitely not putting them into a logical platter organization...

    I mean with a 0 read time it does not matter at all. FYI Win 7 will automatically turn off defrag on SSD drives.
  7. wanamingo said:
    Win 7 will automatically turn off defrag on SSD drives.

    Yes, it does -- once and while I activate the degrag service just to degrag my HDD, then I disable it again.
  8. A HDD can get a speed bonus from having data in sequential order on the platter itself. Because the platter is spinning if data is stored in broken up bits (Fragmented) the platter needs to spin more often and the read write head also has to move to get the data off the platter. That increases read speed, and more importantly increases access time (the amount of time it takes for the data to be located and accessed).

    An SSD has no physical moving parts so its able to instantly pull up the correct information because no spinning platter or moving read/write head. Its all instant (Kinda). Still limited by throughput but the access time is Zero for all intensive purposes.
  9. You can't defrag a SSD. Win7 for example will turn it off since there is no reason to defrag one.
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