PCIe x1 and PCIe x4?

I'm not sure where to put this, so I guess it could be a case mod, hehe :lol:

Anyway I was wondering just what sort of devices are out there that use PCIe x1 and PCIe x4. I haven't seen any other than some mobo's have their "onboard" sound as a PCIe x1 card.

My new mobo I ordered has one of each and I'm just curious as to what could be put there or if anything is out there for these yet.
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  1. I think "Motherboards" would have been a better section, but o wellz. As for your question, PCI-E x1, x4, x8, x6, etc. are not really used by anything right now, for my best guess, I would put them with competition to PCI-X on Server boards, as the bandwidth for PCI-E x1, x4, etc. is way more than standard PCI and competes with PCI-X. PCI-X right now is mainly used with RAID cards, for the most part.

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  2. Can't have looked too hard. Just in quick search for x1 on newegg show:

    gigabit ethernet
    sata controller
    sataII controller
    sataII raid controller(low end)
    Firewire/usb2.0 controller
  3. There's also a HDTV tuner card that uses PCI-E 1x. Anandtech.com has a review on it. I'm too lazy to look up the URL, so don't ask.

  4. different speed's and sizes of the same next gen bus for devices
  5. whats that url
  6. There's a new news item just posted:


    A solid-state drive replacement for PCIe x1.

    I expect to see SATA RAID controllers comeout soon using PCIe, it's easy to implement and had much better bandwidth. Maybe even ones using the X16 graphics slot for high-throughput file servers.
  7. Notice how I said "best guess", seems you pwned yourself, nice going chap.

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
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