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Hey all,
I bought a Audigy 2 ZS PP a couple months ago when newegg was selling them for $70. Anyway, I noticed that my music sounds much better, very nice and clear. I like that.
When I play games, it's a different story. I have a X800XT and I get much worse performance with my Audigy than I did with onboard. I also get occasional stutters. The sound is really bad, too. Stutters and echos and skips! :(
So, I've done some investigation and found that my card and video card are sharing the same IRQ! Could this be my problem? Is this why games are crappier now that with onboard? How do I change that? I've looked over my IRQs and there are several that I'm never going to use, like COM ports. How do I switch?
Other than that, are there any other ideas as to why I'd get such slow downs?
Any help is welcome. Thanks! :)
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  1. go into the bios and disable anything u dont use (com ports, LPT/printer ports, FDC/Floppy disk controller, onboard sound, extra LAN chips etc - mostly 1 IRQ each) - if you had a conflict you would get other issues, this sounds like a setting issue, check that your sound card software has no extras on that might cause it.

    WAIT some games absolutly stuff around when it comes to sound - BF1942, Halo, BF2, SW Battlefront (on my system and other titles) all stuff round till you know what your sound card likes - check the game for audio mode eg HW (hardware) D3D (direct 3D) EAX, A3D etc - they all stuff round like what your describing, try changing the sound modes in the games till you find the issue - all my sound cards have sound issues in diffrent modes like eg my CMedia 8738 hates halo D3D but likes it disable etc.

    Try game sound settings first
  2. Move the sound card to a different pci slot. Many boards use the same irq for the agp/pci-e slot and the 1st pci slot next to the video slot. Try moving it to like the 2nd or 3rd slot.
    I had the same problem. Once I moved the sound card to a slot that didnt have an irq that was being shared my problems went away.
    Check your motherboard manual to see if it list the irqs that each slot uses. Mine did.
  3. Thanks for the responses.
    I did manage to get the motherboard to give my sound card a different IRQ. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to solve any problems. I was really hoping that was it.
    This is supposed to be a pretty nice card. Any other ideas as to what might be going on, other than high settings? Maybe I'm a bit overly ambitious, but what's the point of forking out money for a good soundcard if you can't use hardware mixing?
  4. have you tried changing them settings in the game?

    otherwise update the drivers (if you havnt already done so) - that solved a few of my sound issues aswell.
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