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I have read a bunch of posts/forums on this subject, but I am still unclear on a couple of things...so any help would be great.

I just installed 2 gigs(2x1gig) of CORSAIR XMS 2GB DDR 400 on my a8n sli premium. I have read that u need to change the settings so that the memclock is set to 400 when u install 4 sticks of ram. Since I only have 1 set of ram installed do I need to bother doing the manual settings in the bios? If so what should they be? Here is what I have seen.......

Memclock = 400
CAS# = 2.5
Min RAS = 6
RAS to CAS = 3
Row Precharge = 3
Read to Write = 6
Write Revovery = 3
1T/2T = 1T

if this is correct please comment. In my bios however there is more options then just the ones shown above....

Row Cycle Time and Tow Refresh cycle time....both of which I am not sure what I need to set. Also I have read a couple things on changing voltage for the ram. This option however I have not seen and any tips where this is located and what i need to change it to will be great!

I assume(ass of u and me.....whatever) that S/w and H/W dram over 4g remaining should be set to disabled as long as I don't have 4g of ram.

When it comes to these settings I honestly have no clue and any info would be greatly appreciated. I want to get the most out of my hardware I can. Any other settings in the bios u think I need to fix/mess with feel free to post. Thanks to all for the help
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  1. are you looking to OC? if not, your current settings look fine (unless you paid extra for the 'expensive corsair xms', in which case you might be able to squeeze out lower latencies... not really THAT important
  2. now I wasn't necessarily going to overclock my ram, the stock settings was my main concern.....however I do have my processor overcock to 10% within the bios. If you overclock your processor should u overclock ram, or does it not matter?

    I have been told all settings besides Row Cycle Time and Tow Refresh cycle time. Those two I still haven't heard what I need to set them too, or should I just leave them be?

    -thanks for the response though avatar3k
  3. i assume you don't know what you're doing, so don't fudge with the timings

    when you say 10% oc, im going to assume that its +10% on the fsb, which effectively ocs ur ram by the same percentage. at a 10% oc, i think your ram should be able to handle it - if it does, don't mess with the timings.
  4. Please give more details on your memory. There are several different models of the XMS 2GB DDR DIMMs... which do you have? The timings of the RAM should be printed right on the packaging or DIMM's themselves.

    Without knowing what your DIMMs are rated for I cannot tell you what your motherboard should be set to.

  5. the exact ram I have is Corsair Model #: Twinx2048-3200c2pt

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