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I'm building a new rig with an Asus A8N-E and an AMD Athlon 3200+ 64, can anyone recommend some good RAM? DDR400/PC3200 and pref. $120 max.
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  1. Depends on what you're going to do with the system.
    If you're not going to do any serious over clocking then corsair value select is what I would recommend.
  2. I'm not going to OC (and if I do, not by crazy amounts), but I will be doing alot of gaming on it. I was reading a $500 upgrade guide (actually my budget is set at $650, but $500 was the closest I could find) and they recommended Corsair XMS series.

    Are Crucial Ballistix any good? The case is going to be windowed so something that is good and has LEDs sounds pretty sweet to me
  3. Bells and whistles , glass and LED's. LOL
    Crucial is good memory.
    If you just want to spend more money then I suggest Going to the next higher speed in memory. You can buy memory that's above the 3200 series speed and do some tweaking and over clocking.
    Then there's always the "matched pair" sales ploy. Some people swear by it but not me. Of course, if money is no object ...
  4. My mobo says it supports DDR400/PC3200 max, so I guess I can't go past that.

    I'm looking at some Crucial Ballistix right now. Anadtech and other sites say it's good, but many people also claim that it died on them.
  5. corsair all the way and you could if you are extremely lucky
  6. I've used Micron (Crucial) memory since the 386 days. Currently I'm running Crucial Ballistix PC3200 (4) single sided 512MB (2GB total) on a "fully populated" MSI Neo2 mobo w/AMD64 3200+. It runs 2-2-2-6 1T with no problems. Now, here's the deal with Ballistics: a straight up online order will get you double sided modules, but you can ask (for the same $$$) for single sided, so in the future you can add two more and still run DDR200 at 1T. Double sided S-939 typically must run PC166 2T with four memory sticks used. Also, if you buy direct from Crucial you get a lifetime warranty and they will cross-ship if you have a problem requiring an RMA. As for buying PC4000 vs 3200, well Dude, Micron ... and everyone else ... uses the very same chips, just clocked slower!
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