Nvidia 7900/8000, what is ATI's response?

Anyone have any idea if ATI is going to have a reply in roughly the same timeframe of the 7900/8000 launch?
I just wanna try to justify purchasing the x1900 as ATI's "next generation" GPU instead of just a core update of the x1800
Which it is...lol.
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  1. actually the 7900 is nvidias answer to the x1900

    and the x1900 is more than a core update
  2. nVidia just released information at a press conference that in March at the CeBit convention will also be the launch of the G71 line. nVidia will simultaneously launch their GT and GTX version. Thats right folks you'll be able to choose from either a 7900GT or 7900GTX!. Both cards will feature a 32Pixel Pipeline cards. The GTX will have a core clock of 700-750MHz. While the memory will be 1.1ns GDDR3 memory running at either 800-900MHz. That means the specs will basically be 750/1800MHz at stock. This card will most likely be able to beat the supposedly 48 shader pipelines on the x1900XT that ATi is about to launch. Anyone want to buy a BFG 7800GTX 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E? :) only 650$ A stock 7900GTX was able to beat a 7800GTX 512MB SLi configuration. -yikes -yahoo
  3. That very nice to hear that nvidia is going to get the trophy back from ati. So any timeframe of when is this 7900 card going to be released. That pretty cool man, but Its kind of sad that my 7800 gtx sli is going to be "outdated" with the upcoming launch of newer card. :cry:
  4. 7900 will be in some cases with @70% faster that 7800gtx 512 SLI :D. it is awesome, what do u say about that? Don't even think to buy again a SLI configuration, u'll lose a lot of money. A card that will cost 900 dollars will be 30-70% faster that 2 gf gtx 512 SLI, priced 1400 buks.... hehe....damn, i don't like it at all. SLI really sucks for a normal gamer, it's existence is only to gain maximum performance in tests, and we don't really need it, i don't give a fuck that in SLI a have in FEAR 100+ fps and with a single card 'only' 70..... we'll see in march the new card, but it is 2 fast 2 be true, i think...
  5. Quote:
    A stock 7900GTX was able to beat a 7800GTX 512MB SLi configuration. -yikes -yahoo

    What is your source on this, since the 7900GTX hasn't even gone out to hardware review sites for benchmarking yet.

    Why are they not using GDDR4 if aiming for 1800 MHz and consumer level cooling ?

    The whole thing sounds 'made up' or someones (un?)educated guess at the specs.

    I am waiting on the same card myself so I can see what else is on the market and make a call when the time comes, until then couldn't care less about speculation (unless from a reliable source in say, Taiwan).

    But we could be seeing X1950's with GDDR4 by March. (suggest looking up who is working on GDDR4, where they are employed & who their employer has business ties to). ATI are unlikely to release a new GPU within 3 months IMHO, but they could pair the existing stockpiles with different video memory.... an often used tactic by both ATI, nVidia, and others.

    CeBit / March will interesting this year... and the consumer will benefit regardless of their choice. :)
  6. nVidia just released information at a press conference ..............can't u read???I don't think that it's all 100% true, but we'll see....
  7. Quote:
    until then couldn't care less about speculation (unless from a reliable source in say, Taiwan).

    if you dont care then p1ss off, the man was only saying what he heard. and it sounds about right to me.

    NOW here is speculation, there not even been word of what your saying here.

    But we could be seeing X1950's with GDDR4 by March.

    o well it was only a rumour as the man siad dont attack other people for speculating.
  8. I am more interested in the benchmark results.

    eg: Half-Life 2: Loast Coast Benchmark at various resolutions / detail settings, how would one of these perform ?

    A) No-one knows yet.

    When we've got results (early March, or late Feb perhaps) everyone will be happy.

    Still using a Radeon X800XL (spec in sig), so looking for either something beefier, or a price reduction in video cards during March so can upgrade..... I don't game much, but Adobe Premiere would benefit greatly from one off these (if the numbers do indead add up) when paired with my rig. :D

    Then down to some serious Video Encoding and Development work.
  9. I never indicated it wasn't speculation though, thx for pointing it out though and making it 100% clear to others readers. I shall remember to make my posts more clear in future. The way it was worded (as quoted) actually implies that I was, indeed, speculating about the only real counter-move to expect by ATI within 6 weeks of this being released.

    However, The above comments (from the 'press conference' post) are worded as though they are facts, and not speculation, .... thus the curiosity if anything, no more, no less. These same numbers haven't changed since 'speculation' started on the GeForce 7900, many moons ago.

    Just like most others here I am eyeing the GeForce 7900 series and await its release eagerly.

    PS: Thanks for attacking me for speculating, you are setting a fine example of the very thing you're bitter at with me with to everyone else reading these fine public forums. :P . [humor, don't take offense as you gotta admit it is kind of funny - beats the two of us hijacking this thread for a pointless flame war].
  10. thanks, i'm glad someone understands......
  11. As much as I enjoy and can agree with points of the speculation...there's one biggy I find will be a major miracle. The Vram. I cant believe we'll be seeing 1.1ns by March. Anything below 1.2 is still being sampled and the fastest official is 1.25 (which itself is very scarce: example: 7800U)

    As for the 32pipes. I'm conflicted on this one. I think our next BIG preformance jump will be from the R600 and G80(Think 9700-->X800) It is that card (G80) that I believe will carry 32 pipes. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong, I know the 7800 was simply a refresh of the 6800, however it had a 1/3 more pipes, while the X19xx was a refresh of the X18xx. The (biggest) differences being clock speeds and ALU count.

    I know the G80 was in production long ago...and it was preparing for the R600. Then when Nv caught wind ATI was working on the R5xx, they jumped on production of the G7x just to keep ATI in check.

    Same with the X18 and X19 series. The battle is yet to come, becuase both companies major focus was (and still is) on the R6xx and G8x...
    I'm sure we'll see them late summer, maybe August, expect a whole new set of features, including SM 4.0 and DX9.D support.
  12. This is all fine and dandy, but I will not give up my 7800 GTX's till I see rock hard specs from MS on Vista and DX10 Support on vid cards. I know not to expect it in the 7900 or even the 8800 (or whatever nVidia calls it), so don't count on me weighing in just yet :P

    I'll be patient, my SLi isn't even 2 months old yet, so I need to get some use out of them before the hit the dusty trail to the old Folding@Home build (hey gotta use old computers for something).
  13. Quote:
    That very nice to hear that nvidia is going to get the trophy back from ati. So any timeframe of when is this 7900 card going to be released. That pretty cool man, but Its kind of sad that my 7800 gtx sli is going to be "outdated" with the upcoming launch of newer card. :cry:

    If you haven't learned yet that your new tech gets outdated every 3-6 months, then you will always want the next bes tthing, when your 7800GTX 512 will run every games on the market with good fps, even if you want to go to 1600 x 1400.

    No one has ever explained why it is needed that this be the resolution to play games. Only thing I can come up with is it looks a tad bit prettier. And if you are worried about the one pixel out of place on a monster comming to kill you in Doom3, why do you even play the game?

    The funny thing is, since I prefer a 1024 x 768 size for all my games, I won't ever have to worry about my top of the line pick, or even a generation previous having trouble running my games.
  14. @chuck

    I wouldnt be so quick to say Nv will be getting the "trophy" back.
    ATi was expected to take it back with the X1800, although producing an impressive card. Wasnt able to break the GTX lines superiority (this is stock of course)
  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I run a 9700Pro still, and I can play Doom3, Fear, and pretty much any game on the block at decent frame rates, and so what if I have to take some gfx setting on low. I PLAY A GAME FOR THE GAME! Not for the pretty nipple that shows up on a monster running for me, with evil intent, when playing in ULTRA pretty mode.

    Lets be realistic, yes I want to upgrade, and I am going to. I will get a 7800GTX 512 or X1900 XTX. But not cause I want to play games in their best capacity. I want one of these two cards for two reasons. One, I have money and want the newest tech and it will last me for a long time. Hell the 9700Pro is what 3 and a quarter years old??(October 24, 2002) And even then I can still play Doom3 and Fear and Half-Life 2 and hardly ever ever miss a beat.

    Two, I have a choice. If I want to run Quake 4(which I heard wasn't Quake 2 in terms of ground breaking) in ULTRA pretty mode, I can. And sice I would likely be staying at 1024 x 768 I won't have frame rate issues.

    Hell, I could even say some money and buy a X800 PE or X850 PE and still play games at good frames even with the setting cranked to maximum at the screen size I like.

    All I am trying to say is, if you care so much for the pretties, why play the game. Care for the game and then the pretties.
  16. Quote:

    All I am trying to say is, if you care so much for the pretties, why play the game. Care for the game and then the pretties.

    Of course it's all about the game.

    But if it's a good game, why wouldn't you want to see the monsters nipples if you can?

    Detail doesn't make a bad game good, but it makes a great game better.
  17. 7900 isn't a response to ATI's x1900...ATI's x1900 is a response to the 512 7800gtx. It's not a next generation GPU.
    While the 7900 IS.
    x1900 is simply a core update from x1800, just like 512 7800GTX was a update to the 256 7800GTX. U can only compare same tier cards as responses.
    ATI's response to the 7900/8000 will be a GDDR4 pixel shader 4.0 card that will feature DX 10 although ATI has kept things under wraps, it could come at about the same time as the 7900 or atleast by the end of the year (de ja vu x1800?).
    Nvidia has been releasing their cards at a much quicker rate getting it to the consumers first, while ATI is left to offer a more competitive card (x1900) to steal back some market share from Nvidia.
  18. ok, seriously, this thread has become retarded. Where the hell is all this crap coming from? You guys don't even post links, its hilarious. Ok, I'm gonna go rounds here.

    How in hell is the 7 series a refresh of the 6 series??? Do we all know what a refresh is? Cards that have different cores, difference in transistor count, DIFFERENT ARCHITECHTURE, and more, should not be seen as a refresh.

    There is a thread somewhere on this forum that explains the whole pipe deal...the way of judging a card by pipe count is dead, just like emo is dead. You judge the card by the sum of its parts, especially ROP:TMU:PS. The ratio of these used to be linear. Not anymore. The G71 is not technically a 32 pipe card. It has 16ROPs:32TMUs:32PS. It is also switch to 90nm process.

    The X1900 series is a next gen GPU. It has been in the works for AWHILE. It is not a refresher. It has more transistors. It has a different(and more powerful) ratio of shader/texture/output units. It has more to offer in its architechture. Thats not a refresher, so it's a next gen card.

    The G80 and R600 or whatever might not even have SM4.0 or DX10. They would be absolutely worthless features, cause they are only compliant with the vista build, which probably won't be out till the end of the year. Even after this, SM4.0 and DX10 won't be out. The next Dx will be 9.0L.
  19. haha see i was right adreen.

    and dresden im pretty sure the x1900 doesnt have dx10 support and most cards wont untill sometime around december or after. (i think i read this somewhere on toms hardware, i dont have a link tho)

    Your right dx10 would be a worthless feature this early in the game. Although because adding dx10 would be something for ati/nvidia to brag about they mite just includeit for bragging rights (even if it is useless for a while)
  20. so the x1900 was being developed while the x1800 was being produced? x1900 came after 3 months of the x1800 launch. if they did put alot of time into it that would mean x1900 was already being developed while the x1800 was. so ATI released a card they knew would be replaced in 3 months by a new generation card. hard to believe.
  21. http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=29284

    thats the link saying that the g71 (geforce 7900) is supposed to be nvidias answer to the x1900


    this link shows that ati was shipping r580 (x1900) boards around december shortly (2 months) after the release of the x1800

    so obviously they were working on it at the same time as the x1800

    p.s. imo a refresh is what nvidia did with the gtx series. first came the normal gtx then the refresh the gtx 512. (although i think it did use a slightly diffrent chip but the only diffrence is that it was able to be clocked faster)
  22. that's what i mean..that means ATI produced a inferior card just to release an even more powerful card to replace it 2 months later.
    I wouldn't say the g71 is a response to the x1900 as the 512 GTX already rivals the x1900. More like x1900 being a response to 512 GTX (since gtx came out first). The g71 will blow the x1900 out of the water. It's not on the same level therefore you can't compare the two as Nvidia trying to best out ATI by developing something better than the x1900, they're trying to develop the next big thing to compete with ATI's next model, not models before that (7900<x1900? common now). ATI's reponse to the g71 will come out after the launch in March, which will perform on similar levels or try to best it.
  23. Quote:
    p.s. imo a refresh is what nvidia did with the gtx series. first came the normal gtx then the refresh the gtx 512. (although i think it did use a slightly diffrent chip but the only diffrence is that it was able to be clocked faster)

    That's what I was trying to get at, I don't see responding as a two way street. Just someone comes out with something awesome, competitor comes out with something even better end of story. Then they move to newer tech that continues down the same road. I'm whack like that. Be gentle.
  24. Christ shut the hell up. You don't know what you're talking about. DX10 will not be available on the 7900, end of story. And plus, why the hell should Nvidia have Shader Model 4.0 support on the 7900, when they already don't have full Shader Model 3.0 support? (OpenEXR HDR)
  25. ok, I'm from SoCal, so I'll say this like a southern californian. DUuuuuuuuuudddddde! Do some research or somethin. The X1800 was supposed to be released last summer! There was a bug in it so they had to stall. The X1900 was taped out during summer. Seriously, ATI could have released the X1900 sooner, but they didn't want to ditch the X1800, it would have been an absolute waste to do so.

    And honestly, the 7900 probably will be better than the X1900, in some ways, probably not all. I DOUBT that it will blow X1900 out of the water. If you haven't noticed, Graphics companies are smart, like the rest of the industry. Cards are usually made to jump about 30% in performance. So at most, it will probably have a 20% gain on the X1900, in some areas, might get beaten in some, cause it's architechture ain't got shit on ATI's, and I'm sure it will destroy in OpenGL games. But who cares? It's so funny, ATI's card is the first card to come out for a while that basically has a answer to every game. And ATI has the time to sell it's answer for about another month and a half.

    Also, nvidia's card will only put up so much goodness if they can get such high yields...they had trouble with the 7800GTX 512MB, which is why they are so scarce. So don't you think the same will hold true with this new card? It will use GDDR3, not 4, so I don't see how they will pull this shit off. I think nVidia is finally resorting to rumors, cause ATI dealt them a punishing blow at such a perfect time, when their highest quality product was a bust(cause there wasn't enough!hahahahah).

    So pretty much, seeing that the highest cards right now play games at great resolutions, at incredible fps, nvidia's next card is just gonna be overkill on the market. No one is gonna need that card. And I guarentee that it will be overpriced. Look at how much the 7800GTX 512 is selling for. It came out for 750, and now you would have a hard time finding it, let alone probably pay 1000 dollars for it. And ATI's card is how much, on it's debut? circa 550-600. and it out performs. What a spanking the cocky nVidia just got. Maybe ATI won't have the top for long, but it is very obvious now that ATI just hit a rough spot, and definitely is on par with nVidia.
  26. hahaha, nice heyyou, totally right. SM4.0 will not work on XP, and never will. It is to be intended for DX10, which only will be for Vista. Only for Vista. Only for Vista. Only for Vista. I got to repeat it cause I swear on every thread I've seen, this subject has been explained, and yet no one gets it. ONLY ON VISTA. Is vista out? lol, not for a while, and when it does debut, the SM4.0 and DX10 still won't be available. First, comes DX9.0L. SM3.0 still has a ways to go. Nvidia rushed SM3.0 support, and ATI has the advantage now when it waited for it's product support for 3.0.

    Looks like ATI was right, because a majority of games still do not use this shader model.
  27. someone's a little spazz? if u don't want to read something maybe you should, I don't know...not read it? do u have first hand knowledge that there's not going to be 4.0 and dx10? i'm merely relaying info on news releases that i've been reading. are you going to break down and cry becuz there's other people that don't share the same opinions as you do? if you are i suggest you stay in your room and let your momma take care of you. if you feel lonely, make love to your pillow.

    forums are for people to discuss their opinions on issues and for people seeking help. you're not helping with that kind of attitude mr. don't take things so seriously, it's computer technology for christ sake. no one knows anything for sure until it's finalized. as for opinions, everyone is gonna have diff views, so what. if everyone was in a concensus with each other everyone would be president. also obviously i'm not a hardcore computer addict as i am a casual user looking to buy a new comp. sorry if i don't know everything about computers, atleast i'm on here trying to learn to make an educated choice for parts.

    my selection of words not to your liking? i'll put it in words you'll understand better.
    shut the hell up nerd!1!1PWNEDn00b 1337! ah that's all i know. shame.
  28. hey man, im bored at work, so i get easily amused with myself and ranting is very fun at this point:) Plus, I didn't know that you were just adding conjecture to the forum...you know the gamespot forums are nice for that!
  29. Hey you may have a point. Who really knows though.
    They released dual cores when nothing on the market really utilizes it to it's full potential. Just looks nice and preps for the future. How many people actually make good use of dual cores especially in gaming. But how many people have it, tons. Putting things up for speculation, that's why I started this thread. I'm only stating things from what I've been reading so don't hate the playa, hate the game.
  30. the mean msg was intended for heyyou

    well this is a PC forum so i would think i would receive the best responses from it instead of people going off topic and talking about xb360 or ps3 or something like that. "9gpu cores!?!?! w00t".
  31. that makes sense, shit. i might be a smart ass sometimes, but i try not be mean. i doubt that until vista is in full effect, and virtualization and all that pop is out that dual cores will be fully utilized. But, it always takes software a few decades to catch up to the hardware.
  32. Quote:
    But, it always takes software a few decades to catch up to the hardware.

    yarrr culdn't agree more. another example is the progression process in using PCIexpress16x as opposed to agp8x took awhile to see any differences. or ddr2! so much tinkering involved.
  33. yep, PCIex16 still isn't full utilized. and as for ddr2, why else would AMD wait so long to switch their sockets to fully support this hardware? When people announce new hardware, i swear there must be trumpets playing in everyone's head...it's the gilded effect from a combination of anxiousness of waiting for a launch, and being excited to use new equipment(that can't really be utilized).
  34. haha, can't help it. pple are suckers for new technology, adds to the "who's is bigger" debate.

    side-question :)
    do u think opting for a a8n32-sli deluxe over a dfi lp ut nf4 sli-dr board is a good thing? dual pcie 16x in SLI altho at this moment there's minimal performance improvements but is it any good for a comp i'm hoping to keep for atleast 2 years.
    or maybe the MSI K8N diamond plus?
  35. prozac has a point... nvidia seems to be doing paper launches alot recently.

    even the gtxs which werent paper launched, were very, very, hard to find.
  36. i couldn't find anything so i thought maybe some of u guys did lol. i didn't look too hard and don't keep up
  37. From the reviews i've read, that asus board is the shit! All my clan mates also tell me asus boards are great. a8n is definitely a good one. But the DFI is good too. If your big into mobo options then you should really look into the difference between the both. If not, then it doesn't really matter.

    I hope you are planning on nvidia solution, since those are basically nvidia fan boards. If you are even considering ATI, a new board is coming out this month, with ATI's new chipset, the RD580, which is supposedly an AWESOME chipset, with incredible overclock options too. i dunno how, but i've also heard it's a 44 lane board, instead of the full 32(16 and 16). I wanna think I'm wrong, but this is what i've read on numerous sites, toms included i believe.
  38. I have the RD580 crossfire board by Asus, A8R-MVP...and a X1800XT...very nice...
    I believe you are talking about the A8R32-MVP which will have true 16x by 2 and dual gigabit lans based on the ULi southbridge.
  39. jee whizz i'm gonna wait until next month when i'm actually gonna be buying all the parts...hah. too confusing right now.
  40. monster nipples??? this some doom3 porn show?
  41. Quote:

    But if it's a good game, why wouldn't you want to see the monsters nipples if you can?

    Would those be Monster Nipples like in a Woody Allen film, or are the two of you being silly! :tongue:

    Amazing, this thread reminds me of the gastro-intestinal system, very long and full of crap.

    It's like listen to Amish people talk about SuperCars !! :roll:
  42. now your all making me feel bad. I just ordered the 975x and dual 1900xt. did I blow 1100 or do you think It will be very very fast and so what if something else is better, but 70%, man, I am going to have to sell a few items to offset this buying spree this spring.
  43. i had 9800 pro 256 mb (no i have only a 6600 GT) and that card really sucks in quake 4 and doom3 high quality at 1024x768 no AA AF of course. FEAR? Slideshow, very nice, i liked those pictures in real time :D. And with 2 gb of ram. What means to you decent frame rates? 5 to 10 fps?
  44. Quote:

    But if it's a good game, why wouldn't you want to see the monsters nipples if you can?

    It's like listen to Amish people talk about SuperCars !! :roll:

    hehe a, good one :D
  45. nvidia all the way sli sli sli!
  46. "Anyone have any idea if ATI is going to have a reply in roughly the same timeframe of the 7900/8000 launch?

    ATI will likely have no response for 5-6 months, other than different manufacturers factory OCing the XTX's...

    The 1900XT is a kick-a$$ card for the money, and no matter how much faster if any the 32 pipe G71 actually is, wil not make the XT perform any slower!
  47. "I just ordered the 975x and dual 1900xt."

    Was one of these at least a Crossfire Master board? :-)

    I'd personally have opted for a single 1900XT and saved the other $580, but, I'm rather frugal! :-)
  48. "do u think opting for a a8n32-sli deluxe over a dfi lp ut nf4 sli-dr board is a good thing? "

    The two are pretty much the best NF4 boards available, I'd opt for whichever has better features for the money (onboard SB live w/ Asus, etc..)
  49. Don't forget Epox... :D

    I have an NF4 Ultra-D, more tweaking options than any board I've previously owned (which IS alot) Stability is great, only one cold boot,
    manual and layout are superb. Really an amazing product from this
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