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Hi I'm interesting to buy a new 19" LCD. Now I use and old Nokia 15" CRT monitor, and as I work (web developer-asp-aspx-vbscript-jscript) until 01:00 - 02:00 am every night, my eyes are a little harmful!!!. I have a AMD 3200+/1024Mb with a "Asus Extreme 6600GT Silencer" with DVI conector.

I read some reviews about 19" LCD, and know Viewsonic VP191b is a very good choice, but I can't find it. I read too about anothers viewsonics, and hyundai L90D+.

Well, in the store I will like to buy, these are models I can find (listed some viewsonics and hyundays):

ViewSonic VX912 389€
ViewSonic VX922 454€ -last week price was about 399€
ViewSonic VX924 454€ -last week price was about 399€
ViewSonic VP930 559€
Hyundai L90D+ 374€
Hyundai Q90U 424€

Really I will like to buy a 300-400€ monitor, so VP930 is expensive, and actual price of VX92x are expensive too, maybe, price will go down again until 399€ so I can wait a few months. Q90U, will be a choice, but If it's really better than others.

Another question is about 16:10 LCD's, are these usefull to programers?, ViewSonic VA1912w is for 339€.

As say before I am a computer programer, and I used to work with Dreamweaver, and others. Really I won't watch a lot videos in my PC, and sometimes, Q4 and Call of Duty 2, help me to relax :D

As my requirements, Will be yours choice?. In this store, there are more 19" LCDs, so I accept any other suggest.

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  1. I can get in other store this

    BENQ TFT FP 937S for 299€ (tomshardware review)
  2. I picked up the Hyundai L90D+ little more than a month ago and believe it to be one of the nicest and most cost effective monitor solutions. The L90D+ uses the same 8ms panel, made by Samsung, that Viewsonic uses in their 8ms LCD models. Same equipemt with the same performance w/o paying for Viewsonics name. I work, game, and video edit w/o any flicker, flash, lines, no dead pixels, and all with the settings at 1280x1024 @ 60MHz. I have no complaints about it as it has worked flawless and have even received a few compliments from friends and fam about it. Definitely give it strong consideration.
  3. I think Hyundai L90D+ 374€ will be my choice. But not 100% sure
  4. Some sites I read Hyundai L90D+ has a samsung panel, and there are a samsung model with same panel and same techinal data, but It is class I. But I can't find model. Anyone know it?
  5. I was toying with the same thought for ages, and seeing as im a brit living in taiwan, the choice is fairly good, i say fairly! But anyhow i ended up getting the Viewsonic VX924 for $10800 Taiwan dollars, which, is about 190 british quids or 280 Euro's. Man 399 Euro's lol, come live in Taiwan!! Anyway, i digress, I ended up being very happy with the monitor, its supposed to me 3ms according to the box, but i read a review in THG which wasnt terribly forthcoming with compliments, but overall thought it was good, just not as good as it was suggesting it was, if that makes sense, but i was very happy with it, its a bit bright, i had to turn the brightness all the way down on mine, lest i be blind!! but the games run fine, been playing FEAR, HL2/CSS/LC GTR FIA GT Racing, COD2, all look fine, and I dont notice barely any blurring, i mean i do on Dawn of War, quite alot infact, i dont know why that is tho, but the others are mint, anyway hope my ramblings help you out, i dont know if its the best, but i was happy with it, and i would hazzard a guess that you would be too.

    cheers, best of luck with deciding!

  6. Now, I only have 2 models:

    ViewSonic VX924 454€
    Hyundai L90D+ 374€

    L90D+ is cheapers, but is Class II. I'm not sure but I think Viewsonic's tft don't have dead pixels. Viewsonic is 80€ more expensive
  7. My VX924 didnt have any dead pixels, and i really couldnt be happier with it, its supposed to me 3ms, and to be honest i wouldnt know anyway because its my first LCD. But i was really worried about going from CRT to LCD but this has really made me happy that i did. But in taiwan this monitor costs 280 Euro's lol, maybe u should buy it in taiwan and get it shipped over or something, but the screen is big, and it looks good, black and silver, buttons are easy to use, and its DVI or Analogue, its great!!

    hope you choose one that ur happy with, but im pretty sure you will like this one, i really dont have any problems with it! but as i said please bare in mind this is my first LCD so i dont have anything to compare it with other than my 10yr old Sony Trinitron 20"

    cheers - cheetsy
  8. I gotta be honest, dollar for dollar, LCD's aren't up to CRT's quality. If it was me, i would buy something like the NEC FE991sb(19 inch). CRT's have faster response time, higher resolution and refresh rates and NO DEAD PIXELS plus they are cheaper.

    just my 2 cents

  9. Yes, but me eyes, after work until 02:00h every day, are very tired, and TFT can help me.
  10. agreed, as for me CRT's are still better, which is what put me off going LCD but in the end the LCD screen aint to bad at all and the good thing with LCD is when it says 19", you get 19" unlike CRT's.
  11. I was unaware that LCD's caused less eyestrain...
  12. Me too lol, infact my VX924 was excessively bright when i got it, i currently have my brightness set to sod all lol.
  13. Was just reading this post and am looking at both the monitors left to decide.

    I am going to the comp store this weekend so I will bring along my laptop and see which has the nicer picture.

    I wonder how much more noticable 5ms is to 8ms. 12ms to 8ms i heard is quite a lot but i wonder how much better it will be comparing 5ms to 8ms
  14. That im not sure about, probably not much difference, this is my first LCD so i cant compare it against another one, but its a nice screen!
  15. Just don't forget how the response time is a little biased. Your monitor will probably achieve 3ms when it has full contrast. There is more about this in an article on toms. If I remember correctly, they said that 19" lcds are really good and some can compete with the response times on a 17". Don't quote me though, I don't have that great a memory.
  16. If you are trying to get at a good price point which typically means 1280x1024, which means a 1.25 aspect ratio, you'd better hope that you have the best video card you can afford, assuming you want to do gaming, which implies that you'll run everything at native resolutions 1280x1024 or otherwise you'd better stick with a nVidia card until ATI gets their act together and provides "Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling", or you'd have to live with aspect ratio distortion problems. See:

    for more details on the problem.
  17. I've got the ViewSonic VX912 389€ and have NEVER had a problem.

    It has a D-SUB AND a digital input

    It refreshes at a nice speed, and I've never suffered ghosting.

    The light seems even. The range of colours seem sharp and realistic. It doesn;t give me eyestrain, and best of all..... worked out of the box and cost the least!

    It was a no brainer for me. A Nice upgrade to my DELL FP1800, which was also a class monitor!

    Just my penny....
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