What hard drive is what nowadays!!!???? :-)


I have to upgrade my music recording computer. I'm going to get an Asus a8v Deluxe mobo, 4800+ X2 AMD cpu, and now I'm just wondering which harddrives to get.

This is what I need:

1 basic HD for the OS
Maybe 2 separate storage drives for my virtual instruments. Fast access, with good throughput.
1 giant drive (or two linked in raid) of about 300MB for my recording projects. This drive needs to be superfast, since I playback many tracks at once. Actually, size isn't an issue - I could use a smaller cheaper drive, and just buy another cheaper drive to replace it once it's full. SPEED IS THE KEY.

I have to use the A8V Deluxe Mobo, cause I need the 5 pci slots, and it's a rock solid mobo for music an the X2 series chips.

What drives should I get - I don't know what's better - IDE, SATA etc.



(will my a8v handle all the harddrives?)
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  1. For the fast drive get a WD 74BG Raptor and/or 150GB Raptor, which is faster, bigger but very expensive (~300€)
  2. Hmmm... I tend to agree with Snale.

    For your OS harddrive, get a WD 74GB Raptor or two on RAID. That'll really speed things up. If you really have cash, get the upcoming WD 150GB Raptor. They offer best of both world. Speed and capacity.

    As for your giant drive, i suggest you get the MaXLine Pro 500GB. Hell it's huge and it's reliable and offers SATA II capabalities. loL! Well of course these comes with a hefty price tag. If not you can just get the Maxtor DiamondMax 10 or 11.

    Dell Dimension 8400
    Pentium 4 3.4GHz 2M
    925XE motherboard
    1GB DDR2 RAM 533MHz
    36GB WD Raptor
    160GB Maxtor DiamondMax 9
    X850XT PE 575MHz/630MHz
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2
  3. Get the raptor 150GB or the 74GB if that's too much money. That's your primary drive. You should partition it off so that maybe 10GB is apps and the operating system and the rest you can use for storage.

    For additional storage I haven't been paying that much attention but I would avoid Maxtor since I don't like their noisy drives and I would check out the reviews at www.storagereview.com.
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