what sound card should i get

i have just purchased an asus a8n32-sli deluxe mb and some creative inspire t6060 5.1 speakers. i will use on board sound for a bit but when i get some more cash i want to get a good sound card as i do a lot of music and sound effects editing for my films. could anyone reccomend me a card thats good with the speakers above.
i have a budget of £60 ($100)
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  1. Actually its usually "are the speakers good enough for the card." You can have the best sounding card in the world but if your using crappy speakers whats the point?!
    Sound blaster audigy 2 line is about your only bet right now. Not too many other sound card makers.
    If your really serious about it I would look into a professional sound card made just for what you want. But of course your talking more money.
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