Video card problems (or something else)!

I have the strangest problem with one computer that until a few days ago was working fine.
At some point, everytime it loads windows, the screen becomes black and nothing more happens exept that the monitor says it doesn't "feel" any signal.
Safe mode was ok so I thought about reinstalling the video driver.After uninstalling the video driver, windows loaded just fine.
When I tried to install it again, at the moment when the monitor flashes and makes some noises (at least in my computer ...), the monitor became black again.
I thought that I should try the latest version of the drivers, same thing.
I did a virus check (20 files infected), but after this, same thing.
I reinstalled windows after formatting the hard drive, same results.
I took the video card home and put it in my computer, it works fine ...
I'm out of ideeas!


Thank you!
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  1. Try booting to safe mode, unstinalling the card in the device manager and reboot to normal windows forcing it to use the windows display driver. If that works, then you can deduce its your dirver (somehow). Thats my only thought atm.... time for database class lol :/
  2. It works in safe mode and also works with windows generic griver (after windows reinstall) but it stops working with any new driver.
    AND IT WORKS IN MY COMPUTER (I have the same model, I just replaced it ...)
  3. Try a different monitor, I don't feel like explaining why just now.
  4. Turn refresh rate to optimal this should fix ya up dude
  5. Maybe some more specifics? What is your setup? Did you update the display driver and then have problems or did it just suddenly happen one day?
    There have been issues with recent forceware drivers (versions 80 & higher), 6 series nvidia-based cards and certain AMD chipsets on your mobo. I don't necessarily think this is what you are experiencing but just wanted to highlight recent issues.
    Have you properly uninstalled drivers in safe mode and used the latest version of Driver Cleaner Pro (freeware) to check all elements of old display drivers are removed?? Have you tried your original driver again?
  6. I did a lot things in this time .... now it's working and the best explanation would be that tha video card was loose (in some dell models, the extansion cards are kept in place by a polastic stick that covers all the edns and not by screws)
    Thank you anyway for all the suggestions!
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