Overclocking an AMD 64 3000 on stock cooling

Hiya, erm, i have an AMD 64 3000 and am just wondering if it is possible to overclock on stock cooling, i mean if it would be worth it. The reason i ask is i used to have a barton 2500+ and i could overclock that to 3000 on stock cooling with no change to temp etc cos the voltage was the same for the bartons up to 3000 or whatever. Is there any similar advantage with my current processor? Its the one clocked at 1.8 but i dont know if its a venice or erm, whatever the other one is clocked at that speed. I'm getting an x2 3800 soon so its no big deal, just wondered if anyone else has, im not afraid to try lol.

cheers, sorry for the babbaling
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  1. ah erm, i just noticed theres actually an overlocking forum lol, erm sorry, maybe an admin can move my post?

    sorry, im such a loser, I HATE MYSELF ARRRGGHHHH
  2. Hey, get your google on! I dont like linking other forumz here othern than Toms own(OC section). But depending on your set up you can get that cpu to go to a 2.53 stable, but not with stock cooling!
  3. hmm, would probably have to stick to cooling, cos i live in taiwan, im british, i just teach english over here, and trying to find enthusiast stuff over here isnt very easy, but thanks man, i shall alt tab to google right now and get crackin!!
  4. download and run CPUZ, it'll identify the core and stepping...

    The 90 nm cores should go from 1.8 to 2.2-2.3G with little trouble and a little luck, giving you the equivalent of a 3500+ or 3700+ or thereabouts...

    (If primarily gaming, based on your 7800GT sig, much more than 2.2G is hardly necessary anyway, as most games at decent resolutions are gpu limited anyway...; example: an FX57 scoring 1 fps more in FEAR performance test at 1024x768/4xAA than a 3500+ scores, given equal 7800GTs for both)
  5. thanks for your reply mate, erm, i had a look in the bios, and it wont let me change the multiplier past 9, i take it there is a jumper on the board or something? ive got the latest bios, but my manual is in chinese (im a brit living in taiwan) so i cant read it to find out. whats the best way to O'C it giving that i only have cheap Kingston Value Ram. Thanks
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