New CPU/motherboard compatibility question

Hey everyone,
Just a quick question.

I recently purchased an AMD 2600+ Barton CPU.

Currently I am running a 1700+ on MSI's K7T Turbo2 MB
512 MB PC100/133 SDRAM

My question to all of you experts :) is this:
Will it do me any good to overclock the CPU since my RAM is only running at the 133 FSB speed?

I need to update my BIOS to support the new chip and found a link from MSI's website. Has anyone used the utility supplied by MSI to do this?? and does it work better than going in and doing it myself? Its been a while since Ive actually worked on my computer and my skills have severely declined since.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. If you are interested specs for the MB can be found at:

    Thanks again
  2. definitely oc that, i run an athlon xpm 2500+ oc'd from 1800MHz to ~2384MHz and it makes a huge difference gaming, running with 1.5GB of PC2100, just keep an eye on those cpu temps<58C and board temps<65C, 55C/60C if you want your board to live a long time.

    i use a program called cpumsr to actually change the clock on the run, i can go from 500mhz to ~2384Mhz anytime with the click of a button, in windows browsing around the web most of the time i clunk around at 500Mhz but when i want to game i bump it to 2384Mhz.

    its good to heat my bedroom when the weather gets cold :P
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