Is this a Ram issue?

I just installed Raid0 on my computer everything checks out fine! Until I try to play a game like BF2 after joining a game my computer freezes and I get the infamous BSOD (blue screen of death). I'm guessing this must be a ram issue because I get this error msg after rebooting:


the .dmp (dump file) kinda suggests it must be a memory problem.
I have a Gigabyte K8NS PRO motherboard and am using 2x 512 mb (1gb) sticks of Geil Pc3200 ram. I've already ram a memory error checker and completed 1 pass with no problems. Can anyone say for certain if this is the problem?
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  1. So your saying that the raid is "newly introduces to your system setup?"

    IF thats the only thing thts changed and you now get BSOD.. then i would totaly suspect Chipset/raid drivers or a combination therof.. .. i dont have a lot of knowledge about raid and known issues , but if you pass a mem check with a dcent diagnostic program.. then you have eliminated that as the problem.. .. ARe you Oceing the ram ? tweaking timings ?? if not.. then i would really suspect something else..

    Of course and im usre you already know.. the Rule of thumb is.. when an instability reveals itself.. you look at the most recent change to your build for problems First.. and move on with teh whole lateral thinking thing from there.. hope you solve your problem soon :}
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