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Possible 9800pro problem???

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February 2, 2006 4:23:22 PM

I have a 9800pro (Sapphire) 256mb card. It just came back from being RMA'd. It use to run great. I have completely rebuilt my computer

MSI duel opteron motherboard
550W PS (quality powersupply)
1gig of ECC corsair ram
9800pro video card

My system was crashing after playing Call of Duty 2 after only a short time. I replaced the ATI drivers with Omega drivers yesterday and it seemed to fix things. I played CoD2 for hours last night with no problem. Then my system crashed. Any suggestions??? I've read my things here about the 9800 pro. Most of them are heat issues. I'm worried because this card was RMA'd and might not be up to snuff now. It would have run fine for them at the factory but putting it under load??? I get no errors at all, just freezes game up and then my screen goes blank.

I'm open to buying a new card soon if it's actually this card. Here's some of the suggestions posted

1. Turn off 8X AGP in bios and switch to 4X
2. Update case with more modern one
3. Chipset driver from motherboard might not be correct
4. Check video card temp
5. Replace heatsink grease on video card with artic silver
6 Replace fan on video card with larger fan

I have a ATI 9550 that I can swap out to see if this continues too.

Thanks for any help you can give

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February 9, 2006 1:44:23 AM

hey killerkowollski
couple of suggestions. First check if it is a heat problem. Best way to do this is if ur mobo has a temp check for the video card, check that out. Another thing, is to open the case, get a spare fan and just get it blow directly into the case. If that seems to solve the problem a new case is probably the best way to go.
b4 u do anything, i wuld switch bak to ati drivers as i doubt this is the problem. I doubt it is also overheating because in most cases the computer simply restarts. ur assuming it is the video card, but u shuld check out some of the other components just in case. i had a similar problem that turned out to be a messed up hard drive. another solution already suggested is change from agp 8X to 4X, c if that works. i dunt hav experience with opterons and those mobos, but those mite b the problem. U shuld also try rolling back the drivers to an older ATI driver. see if that fixes the problem.
last suggestion, i noticed ur ram was ECC, which means it culd buffered or unbuffered. i know that a lot of mobos dunt officially support these types of ram (buffered ECC). hope i helped
let me kno the progress
February 9, 2006 10:59:47 AM


I've replaced my 9800pro with my ATI 9550. I've had NO problems what so ever. I'm sending the card back for repair this week. Their pretty sure it's something with the card. At least this time they'll test it out. Thanks for some of the suggestions.