Should I replace my Gefore 6800GT with 7800GS

I have a Geforce 6800GT AGP with AMD FX 51 CPU and 2GB memory on a 74GB 10k SATA Drive.

I run everything fine at 1600x1200 with everything up but F.E.A.R. i had to do 1200x1024 but then everything ran great with everything up.

My CPU and everything else is ready for anything but my GPU might not be ready for Unreal Engine 3.0 with all the features turned up

Is there anything showing that this new AGP 7800GS is that much faster then my current card. In addition if I did update I wouldnt dare update without a 512MB version.

Being a big FPS fan with trying to get the best graphics, there is no doubt the up coming engines are going to start giving my card some jerkiness if I want the best quality the game can give.

let me know your thoughts.
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  1. It's the same speed as your 6800 GT.

    All it offers is higher overclocking potential, but it's still nowhere near as powerful as a true 7800 GT.

    For $350, you could buy a PCI-express motherboard for your CPU, *and* get a true PCI-express 7800 GT, and have PCI-express upgradability...

    The 7800 GS is a waste of $400- $350. If it ever gets as low as $250 it's a viable option for other people, but not really for you because you already have a 6800 GT...
  2. There is a supply and demand for higher performing cards, and the supply is just not there. Neither Nvidia or ATI are going to give you a performance at a decent price, there is just to much money to be made. AGP isnt dead, its a moneymaker.
  3. You already have one of the better AGP cards, a GS is totally not worth it. If you really want something nice get you a PCI MB and a 1900.
  4. Short answer, no. Keep the 6800GT as the GS doesn't offer much more than the GT.

    Long answer, no. Turn down the settings and don't worry so much about all the eye candy.
  5. Quote:
    The 7800GS is not worth getting, you have a nice card in 6800GT, I don't see a huge difference.

    Same, the performance difference won't be that great.
  6. Quote:
    You already have one of the better AGP cards, a GS is totally not worth it. If you really want something nice get you a PCI MB and a 1900.

    He means PCI Express (PCIe, PCX), not PCI. ;)

    *imagines new guy buying a 7800 GT PCIe and PCI motherboard. "Why doesn't this card fit in my motherboard! Damn those guys!"*

    And yeah, might as well hold off for the PCIe system overhaul.
  7. Well thanks for your input, but as for turning down the settings and not worry about eyecandy is not an option.

    I am into the new engines coming out and what they have to offer graphically. That is my main interest.

  8. Yeah I will hold off on the GS, but moving to PCIe may not be the best thing. I do not want to buy a new CPU and mine is the 940 chip and not sure if there is pcie for that.

    It is all crap! We are not fully utilizing AGP 8x yet.
  9. Do you know if there is a PCIe Mobo for an fx-57 940?
  10. Yeah... but the boards are going to be more expensive for 940, I'll bet.

    Go to any mobo manufacturer's site and look for socket 940 boards. Asus makes the K8N-DL for one...

    I thought you said you have an FX-51?
  11. Of the reviews I've seen, I can't even see a dedicated graphicsaholic like yourself being sufficiently impressed by the switch to the 7800GS. Sure you may be able to overclock substantially but you could equally be pushing your 6800GT a little harder I'm sure. I'd at least wait a week or so and see what a) the buyer reviews report about OCing & unlocking and b) what happens to the pricing. I bought the BFG 6800GS on the day of release for $190 and since then it has bounced around between $195 and $230 on Newegg. If you are planning ahead for future graphics engines then just wait until the games are actually released. Unless you have money to burn, in which case send me your 6800GT so I'm halfway there to a decent PCI-E system! :P
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