Oh god, i got conned! GF6600 512MB?!


Hey guys, I'm running:

2X western Digital caviar 80GB SATA on Raid 0
2X 256MB geil value DDR dual PC3200
AMD 939 A64 3500+

and finally: a XFX PCX6600 DDR 512,


and i get a score of 2937 on 3Dmark05,
I think it's either the RAM or the GF6600 512,
Now i'm definitly sure the 6600 is useless, and the retailer actually LIED on its website about the SPECS! according to them it's a 560Mhz core and 900Mhz DDR2! and 1st noticed the problem in 3Dmark's System details, then it was confirmed that it actually runs 450Mhz core when i called up XFX!! I asked for an RMA but they said no! Unbelieveable!
anyways, apart from the GF6600, can someone suggest what the other bottleneck is please?
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  1. That not cool being leid like that man, why can't u return it when they are lying about the specs of the card. Even if they say that they have made the mistake it's still their sole responsibility to put the right specs of their product but not the costumer.

    But anyhow I could see right away that your memory are not sufficient to start with. Most computers today needs just 512 of memory just to run it. Gaming wise you're gonna have to get 2 gigs of ram to run your computer. Buy a pair of 1gig sticks total of 2 gigs rather 4 sticks of 512. Heres' the reason why, it seems that every year it more and more memory needed to run a computer. Like the windows vista's 64 bit inverinment is gonna need at least 512 just to run it out of the box. So buying two 1gb sticks is better because it's future proof.

    I had 1 gig of memory before but when i bought Battle Field 2 game i notice automatically that the memory is not enough to run the game. The screen freeze up for about 3 second and run again. It's like I'm getting 1 frame per 3 seconds, so I upgraded to 2 gigs and it runs the latest games with no problem.

    But if u can return it do so and might wanna invest on the 7800 gt. You can get one for around $260-$340 each. But prices is going down soon with the upcoming launch of the 7900 series this summer from nvidia. 8)
  2. You wouldn't be able to return the graphics card to XFX, because they didn't lie. The XFX website correctly lists the core speed as 450MHz and 540MHz for memory. You'll just have to return it to the retailer since that is there problem.

    What Chuckhissle said about your RAM is correct as that is the main bottleneck. You also don't have much hard drive space. Even if your hard drive isn't full its better to have plenty of spare room for cache files. Normally I like to keep at least 33% of the partition with windows for "breathing room". Of course, that's just me.
  3. I hate to bring this up...especially if my presumption that you rated all the other comments is correct...but this is the processor forum you know 8O
  4. :( Thanx guys,

    you're right, a 6600 with 512 is absolutely pointless! so after reading your posts, i gave the the retailer a call, retailer being an internet company whose name sounds a little like "Ov(A)Clock(A)s.co.uk" cough cough, after calling them 10+ times finally got thro... and you'll never believe what they said back to me! they said, it is 100% ALRIGHT to qoute 560Mhz instead of XFX's 450Mhz on core speed because " IT IS POSSIBLE TO GAIN THE ABILITY FOR HIGHER CLOCK SPEED WITH THE CORRECT SETUP AND EQUIPMENT!!" I'm guessing they mean a large bottle of liquid N2!! So then i said Trading Standards Agency and they gave me an RMA number. He He, when all else fails, the british Justice systems provails! But then again, i don't got the TAX back, i have had to pay for 2 sercure postages One there and One back, and now i have to shell out more for a new card! and thanx but a 7800 is just way out of a student's budget! Can anyone recommend a cheap cheap 6600GT? atleast a decent make? I.E. not XFX who does "pointless things" cough cough... 512...cough cough 6600... and i've only a $120 budget!

    Guys thanx for the info on the RAM! can't thank you enough, would have never figured it out. but now 2 X 512MB on PC3200 DDR is half the price of 2 PC3700. and at the moment i can barely afford 2X 512s!
    P.S. Incase you're wondering why i'm only getting 2 sticks, i'm running a shuttle XPC St20G5. and if you're thinking of buying one of these, they are NOT quiet things! even when set up "properly".

    again thanx guys
  5. :oops: yeah sorry about the whole CPU thing.... i was thinking it's my 3500+ that was the bottleneck. cos when i run 3Dmark 2005 the CPU does constantly run at 100%! could be the reason why the auto fan runs louder than my sister's hairdryer. Sorry.
  6. i have seen the 6600's w/ 512 of ram so they do exsist but is such a waste of money.
  7. I would look for a 6800 gt or x800xt or x850pro
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