Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich Demo

The game just looks cool man! Have not downloaded the demo yet but it reminds me of the old original NES. Those were the days of Zelda, Meteriod, and Mario!

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  1. I did download the demo it was a little old school looking but ;unfortunatly' with all my things, I couldn't figure out how to play it right away so i unistalled it. Usually after i download a demo i want to play it right away, so I was bummed. Now you know what is a cool game Chicken Hunter, now thats a game that rocks. and you know some games now days just can't ever compare to the old school games, like double dragon, and mega man. But i must say i do love playing the new 128 bit mega mans, as well as the 32 bit ones. I love mega man, can't get enough. I own Mega man aniversery collection, mega man x4, Mega man x6 and used to own mega man x7. I havn't played mega man x8 or the new mega man Rpg. Because i Know if i pick up the mega man rpg I'll be loosing alot of sleep.

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  2. I remember when the first Mega Man came out! I was soo young and the game was one of the best ever. I really love playing the old NES games. I wish that you could legally buy them for your computer. I do not free right stealing ROMs. Nintendo could make a lot of money offering those old game to people like me. Lets us download the games for about five bucks a game and offer an emulator. That would be cool!
  3. well i like the roms. remember it's not stealing as long as you delete them in 24 hours. So download a couple and playing for a day. Yes it'll be hard to delete them but it'll be fun. I'm the same way. I don't want to keep them illlegaly. I nother thing you could do is buy just the game, only the game then leggaly you would be alowed to keep them. It's amazing how far along the graphics have come since then first atari, then 8 bit, then 16(snes) , then 32(ps1), then 64 bit(n64) , 128(ps2, and the new systems next year maybe 256 bit(ps3, xbox2,nen)??? but so many games have gotten so bloody and useless violense. I like playing games that are just good. They made great back then that didn't involve so much junk, just my opinion. and some games have gotten away from what they were origanly like. for example Sonic, and Contra. the gameplay isn't the same as the older versions.

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  4. That is actually wrong referencing the abilty to legally download ROMS for 24 hours. Which is the reason that I do not download and play ROMS. Wish it was legal though.
  5. that is not true, there is no 24 hour time limit, it is illeage to use them PERIOD. i dont know who started that rumor. as far as nes games, the thing was written 10 freaking years ago. i dont think they are going to make any more money on them. some times there is a difference between wrong and illeagle. is it illeagle to play downloaded roms of nintendo games? yes, is it wrong? NO! play on boys.

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  6. I didn't know that.
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