Anyone Heard of this LCD Before?

Have been watching newegg for some time now waiting for a good deal and also because I cannot decide which LCD to get with my new system. I've been looking for a 19" 8ms LCD and today when I look there is a widescreen model for the same price as the regular models I've been looking at. Here is the link.

Company is AG Neovo and I've never heard of them. All reviews on the site say it's an awesome monitor. Would you recommend a widescreen if you could get it this cheap or should I go with a regular sized screen. I mostly play games on the computer.

My other options I'm looking at is a Rosewill - and a Viewsonic -

I've been leaning towards the Rosewill because of the better price and good reviews even though I know nothing about them. What do you all think?
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  1. I have a friend in Belgium who has a pair made by AG Nuovo. He is happy enough and they look pretty good.

    I will say he is not a gamer but looking at the specs on the link you sent, they dont seem terrible.

    To be honest I love Sony and the Dell is the first step away in 15 years I guess! Its not a Sony!!! :(

    Not much help I guess....
  2. I just bought an Olevia 26" widescreen for $750... The cheapest 26" I could find on the market..... It does not shut down with my computer, you have to manually turn it off, but other than that it is an awesome TV/Monitor... There is nothing out there that size for that little of money....

    However what I do say and suggest is that you consider the CONTRAST RATIO above all else to get the best possible picture.

    SAMSUNG and LG are pretty much cornering the market as far as performance and overall picture. (go to circuit city or best buy just to look and compare, but you may not want to buy there for the mark up may be high)

    BUT........... The CONTRAST RATIO is the most important thing to look at....

    The Olevia I bought has a 1600:1 contrast ratio which is very good...

    1200:1 is High quality as well,

    but be careful about any that are less than 500:1 because the picture will not be as nice....

    Just a little advice from experience.... hope it helps
  3. I just checked out the link to the widescreen neovo. Looks good to me, nice resolution, contrast 500:1 is ok I think for what you are doing. I needed mine as a TV and monitor combo, but I would say it looks good to me, if you go with widescreen, you can watch movies and just alter the aspect ratio in your dvd software to get a nice wide picture, I would say go for it :)
  4. Im a Sony fan, all my stuff are Sony. But for me Neovo is good for it's widescreen but has no dvi input, which is not that much different. But I would get the Viewsonic of all the three, it looks really cool.
  5. I would have to agree contrast and response time. Highest contrast and the lowest response time. The faster the response the better gaming monitor it will be. Ideally they say anything below 16ms will work for gaming but the faster the better.
  6. If your looking for a great monitor at an affordable price go for the Sceptre X20g- naga III its a 20.1 inch wide screen LCD with an 8 ms responce time and its only $350- $400.
  7. I Kinda Disagree That 16ms Or Better Is What The Average Gamer NEEDS, Becuase Responce Time Is Rarely Accurate...Mines 40ms And Its As Smooth If Not Smoother than Most 16/12ms Screens Ive Used/Owned/Seen, In My Experiance, You Can Never Truly Tell Just By The Specifications...The Only Way To Know For Sure Is To See For Youreslf (But You Hafta Ta Know What To Look For). In My Experiance (Ive Owned 5 Different LCD Monitors) IN GENERAL You Should Stay Below 25ms.
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