What SLi board should I choose and why?

Ok I am at a bit of a cross road right now. I am not sure what Mobo to go with. I have been looking at these two:

A8N32-SLI Deluxe

Which one should I get and why +/-'s I am also open to hear what other Mobo's I could pick from. I just want a great Mobo for Gaming.

I plan I running a RAID array and a 400gb HDD for storage.

Side Note: I am going to be going AMD just in case you couldn't tell from the Mobo's listed.
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  1. I was also looking at the DFI LANPartyUT NF4 SLI-DR Expert.
  2. I would consider the A8R-MVP and the X1900XT for gaming, except in early Dec only the X1800XT's were available, so that is what I got.
    Also, the AT832-MVP should be out in a month or two, but no big changes, except for instead of 2x8xPCIe it has 2x16xPCIe and dual gigabit lan instead of single gigabit...
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