will atx psu work

I just bought a Gateway GT5032 because it already had AMD X2 4200, TV tuner, burner, and memory card reader for the camera. But now I want to throw in a 7800gt and take out the 56K modem and replace with X-Fi Elite. Only problem is Some sources i've read say BTX mobo and others say ATX mobo.

Does anyone know which it is?

and if it's BTX will a PC Power and Cooling 510 have cables that fit?
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  1. It's a BTX case. 100% positive.

    BTX cases (to my knowledge) do not have a different size or type of mounting for power supplies. So yes, that PSU should fit fine. As for the connectors, all the BTX boards I've seen use the ATX 24 pin power connector. Crack it open and look at the power connector to the mobo... simply count the number of pins and you'll have your answer. :-)

  2. Wow didn't expect an answer so fast.

    You're right it is 24 pin so that eliminates the pc power and cooling 510. Luckily they just did a review on PSU's and all of them are 24 pin.

    Only thing is, now I can't decide between the Cooler Master Real Power 550 and the Silverston ST56F Strider. Do you have any opinions?
  3. The main difference of the psu when it comes to ATX and BTX is basically orientation and cable length. All the plugs are the same.
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