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The system I am selling is an Athlon 64 3500+, 6600GT (agp 8x), 2 gigs of ram, 160GB HD, 480 watt Silent PurePower PS, Gigabyte K8NS ULTRA Socket 939 motherboard, big blue steal gaming case with blue led fans all the way around, and finally the cpu and gpu are cooled by zalman bloom style heatsinks (some of the best air cooling you can get). This system comes with a 19" CRT if your interested. The system also will come with a clean copy of windows XP home installed and I will include the windows cd and COA, and all driver disks for the system. This system is extremely stable and I am only selling it because i need the money. I am looking for $650 for the desktop and $100 for the CRT. If you want just the desktop or just the CRT let me know. I will sell both together for $700. If you want make an offer lower than what I am putting out here let me know maybe we can work something out. I am in the Orlando, FL area and I would love to arrange local pickup. If you live out of state or want me to ship this to you, you must pay the shipping.
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  1. Uh you can email me at or AIM me at LCBillyB. Thanks!
  2. How about 550? And I can arrange local pickup.

    PM if you dont find anyone at 650.
  3. Yeah I am accepting 550 for just the desktop if anyone is interested, this doesnt include the CRT! This is not including shipping if I have to ship the huge thing to you, you will need to pay for it.
  4. do u still have it/any of it? if so will you part out i'm looking to buy 6600gt and/or 1gb ram thanks
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