Constant crashing with Radeon X800GT

First, my system specs

Motherboard: Abit AN8 SLI nForce4
Video Card: PowerColor ATI Radeon X800GT PCIe
Sound Card: SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
RAM: 1024MB DDR (2*512MB PC3200)
CPU: AMD64 3000+ Venice core
PSU: 500W
HDD: Seagate 80GB 7200RPM (15GB free space)
Monitor: 17" Nokia 447Xi CRT
OS: Windows XP Home Edition SP2

Problem Description:

Ever since I've gotten my new mobo and system basically (vid card, mobo, ram, cpu), I haven't been able to play any games. Now, this seems incredibly strange for a video card that can easily handle any game. However, when playing games, my computer crashes.

For example, when playing Battlefront II, the game freezes at the same point every time in one level, and then I get a VPU error, then if I continue to play, the screen will scramble, and everything will freeze until I restart. Then I get a "serious error report" from Microsoft. The message says someting about a problem with a "device driver." Also, here's the report from the VPU Recover error:

VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands

Now, to me, this meant my drivers were out of whack. So I updated, and updated again, and rolled back. I got Catalyst, removed it, and so forth - to no avail. Also, LucasArts said the prob was with my soundcard since there was an IRQ conflict between it and my vidcard so I moved the card down to another slot and the IRQ conflict is now gone. Battlefront II still crashes constantly, though.

As for the symptons of other games, what happens is this. With Knights of the Old Republic and Hitman, when I begin gameplay (that is, the loading screen and setup screens are fine), I get a crash with no error report. When playing Rome: Total War on high settings, I get black screens plus weird noises during battles. However, on low settings, it seemed to work just fine. I really don't think a $160 card such as the X800, though, should be playing games on low settings, the game played smoothly on my previous system with an ASUS mobo and PowerColor Radeon 9600 vid card. Next, final problem I've noted is with Halo, in which the game randomly crashes during online play, but I haven't played single player to see what happens.

Also, when running a p2p program (BitComet), after a little while I get a BSOD and all I can read off before the comp restarts is a problem with NVTcp.sys. Seems to be an nVidia problem, but I don't know how to fix this.

This problem has persisted for months and I've been deprived of having any gaming fun because of it. Please, provide some help, it would be greatly appreciated to alleviate this problem so I do *not* need to dish out another 200 bucks to purchase an nvidia card to replace this one.

NB: when I installed some new Kingston RAM awhile ago to up my RAM to 1024MB, there were problems when trying to run it in dual-channel. I changed its slot to somewhere else and the crashes stopped. I don't know if this is the problem. (I *think* Halo still crashed before this, so I don't know how much of a problem this can be). I actually haven't removed this yet, but could this be the problem? It'd seem strange, though, that this would cause vidcard errors.

I'll try to get the error report generated on restart since the p2p error report and VPU recover restart error reports by MS end up being exactly the same, basically. One more thing, I have the SLI switch-key set to "normal." Should this be removed completely if running an ATI card, btw?

One last thing: I'm not OC'ing.
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  1. Did u do clean driver reinstalls?
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