Sata 3.0 gb/s and Sata 150 RAID

I was wondering if my sata 3.0gb/s hitachi deskstar and a sata 150 WD raptor could be combined in RAID 0. Will the transfer rates be an average or 1.5 gb/s.? Will the drives even be compatible with each other in the RAID setup or do i have to get matching interface drives
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  1. :D NO WAY MY FRIEND! Sata 150 doesn't transfer 150Mb/s!!! you'll be lucky to get 60/70MB/s with a seagate clicky fishy! even worst if you use a WD raptor! 30-40Mb/s. But if you have 2 Raptors on Raid 0, according to THG you can get 70-80MB/s. have a look at the Harddisk chart in the THG Hardware section.
  2. To answer the first post, yes you can combine the 2 hard drives into a RAID 0. The only thing that will change is that the SATA2 3.0Gb/s will lower its speed to 1.5Gb/s to meet with the Raptor (same thing as if you RAID IDE & SATA).

    To answer the speed question, SATA1 actually runs at 1.5GHz and SATA2 runs at 3GHz, (or 1.5Gb/s or 3.0Gb/s) But since SATA1 & SATA2 uses what's known as 8B/10B Encoding, meaning it attaches 1 bit of parity to the top 3 bits and 1 bit of parity to the bottom 5 bits, SATA1 max speed is 1.2Gb/s and SATA2's is 2.4Gb/s. Divide those by 8 for bytes, you get 150MB/s and 300MB/s respectively. Now, taking into account the physical disks, you're very unlikely to get more than 72MB/s out of a single SATA1 drive (The Raptor) and since I have not used a SATA2 drive yet, I will guesstimate that you will most likely not get more than 85MB/s out of 1 of those. Not sure what that 2nd poster was talking about with speed of a Raptor, I've used 9 and they all get above 65MB/s, he musta just read benchies like everybody else, meh.

    If you combine the Raptor and the Hitachi, you should get around 100MB/s, maybe less maybe more. Your best bet is to purchase another Raptor, In RAID 0 Configuration of 2 my 74GB Raptors, they get 137MB/s sustained and my 74GB 4-Disk RAID 0 ARRAY gets 201MB/s sustained and 440MB/s buffered (lol it's ungodly).

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  3. I have two 74 gig Raptors in RAID 0 and I get 115MB/sec average tranfer with 198MB/second burst transfer benches.
  4. thanks, thats good to know. so would i be better off getting another 7200rpm sata 3.0gb/s to put in raid 0 or getting the raptor?
  5. Go ahead and get another SATA 3.0Gb/s, but if you do Gaming mostly, get the 2nd Raptor, you'll be happy with each, do w/e is the cheapest.

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
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