New PC, just ordered the parts, any help or advice please

I am going to build my new gaming pc. I spent too much money but it is still a better deal than a built pc, well, not OS, ect
Here are the specs:
Aluminum LL Case Black
2 WD740 GD 10k SATA in Raid 0
1 Samsung 250 G backup drive
Ultra 600w X-finity PSU
Cooler Master Hyoper 48
Intel Pentium D 930 3.0 DT 4 megs cache
Asus P5WD2-E Pemium 975X (crossfire)
Powercolor X1900 Crossfire 512 OEM
Powercolor X1900XT 512 OEM
Logitech MX3000 wireless desktop
1Gx2 Patrion PDC DDR2 Dual Channel PC800
Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music
Believe me, it cost me a lot more to build a killer system every few years. I thought PC prices were supposed to drop, but not for the premium stuff!
Any advice or yeah or neah on the componets?
Thanks, James
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  1. Looks great, only comment I see is the PSU, not crazy bout ultra.
    A good alternative is the FSP 600 watt PSU rocks...

    or a TT Pure Power 600 watt

    both very good and better than ultra, imo.
  2. can you tell me what the weakness is or is it like a ford chevy, amd intel. I really dont know, it just had the 30 amps on the 12 volt leads, other seemed like less. Please let me know cause I could exchange it. Thanks, James
  3. It was from some poster here that got it and did not like it...

    Those two I listed are true workhorses with a long standing history of quality and plenty of good reviews and at 85% efficient.
    Of course they cost more, but look at your system, don't skimp on the PSU...

    Look at the Ultras two 12 volt rails, one 18A the other 20A, that is it for a 600watt PSU? and a 3.3 volt of 25 amp...

    FSP's 600watt has 4 x 15amp 12volt rails, that is 60amps verses 38 amps.
    Then it has 36amps on the 3.3volt and 30amps on the 5volt line...

    That Ultra is no where near able to put out 600watts, 450 watts of continuous draw would probably burn it out in a month and in the mean time put out heat trying to pass the resistance through its under designed capacitors.
    Basically, if you need a good 400 PSU for startup only, then that Ultra looks like it might do it for a while, but if you want stable power with reserves, look into the two I posted.
  4. Thanks man, I sure wish I had know this before, I am going to order the other right now. I will just return the other one I got. Thanks Again for the smart explanation.

    wow, now that I look at them, I see what you mean about the efficiency. What a difference. some are only 60%. That is important for heat for sure because that is what all the waste does is make heat, right. And Im off the grid, solar only so it is a little bit of extra help when the gaming pc is on (power hog).
  5. Thats one beast of a system, that thing has PC Power & Cooling PSU written all over it 8)

    Just another PSU company for you to compare with
  6. Yes it does, but not in the $140 price range... besides FSP's 600watt has great rep and solid performance and will run it clean and stable. I am always for saving a few bucks if it doesn't sacrifice quality.
  7. eeek, didnt notice the price range, its late at night :P

    besides FSP's 600watt has great rep and solid performance and will run it clean and stable.

    I can agree with that 8)
  8. OK, I ordered the FSP 600, it did look to have a whole lot more current and it is more efficient and good reviews and even quite (they say). Thanks again. Anything else??
    well, another 150 bucks, but the psu is very very important I think. I remember back in the old days, we had 250 watt ps that probably put out 140 watts and it was no problem. But video cards did not even have heatsinks in them days. Hah!
  9. Lol I remember those times.
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