Intel 660 in need of overclocking!!!

Hey everyone,

I'm obviously new to this forum and have a mediocre amount of skill with overclocking. I was hoping someone could tell me how I could overclock my computer more. I uploaded the info from CPU-Z into an html, here it is:
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  1. There's a lot to know. Basically, in order to achieve higher CPU frequencies, you push the FSB higher. Since it seems you have good memory, that shouldn't be a problem. Give some more (slowly more when it is needed) to CPU and memory to ensure stability. Then when you get a desired amount or hit a wall use Prime95 torture testing for 24 hours to make sure no errors arise, all the while checking CPU temperatures to make sure that full load temps don't exceed 60c. If you are using the stock fan, don't even start overclocking, throw that thing in the trash and go out and buy an aftermarket heatsink. Some recommendations on that note would be Thermalright XP90C, XP90, XP120, Zalman 7700CU, and Thermaltake Big Typhoon, not to mention any water cooling unit.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. I did two days worth of research on a good fan and finally got a Zalman CNPS9500 LED.
    The problem is that I dont know my optimal memory timings and frequency, any ideas? Right now its on the "suggested" frequency.

    Also, my SATA 300 hard drive doesnt show up as a SATA 300. How do I enable SATA 300?

    Finally, how high of a FSB should I be able to get on this comp. Thanks!
  3. There are three things you will need to modify.
    1.) CPU External Frequency (x2 = FSB)
    2.) CPU Frequency Multiple
    3.) V-Core Voltage ~ as you reach increase freq and stablity issues arise, increase by .05 volt and retry
  4. CPU-Z Hall of Fame 0.8

    Highest Frequency Reached :
    - Nº 1 : kyosen reached 7473.75 MHz with an Intel Pentium 4 670 [Details]
    - Nº 2 : MuratOzsay - Turkiye reached 7133.59 MHz with an Intel Pentium 4 670 [Details]
    - Nº 3 : Harleybro (Team HWA) reached 6657.94 MHz with an Intel Pentium 4 670 [Details]

    Highest FSB Reached :
    - Nº 1 : jjyy reached 700.15 MHz with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ [Details]
    - Nº 2 : MAZ reached 564.61 MHz with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ [Details]
    - Nº 3 : Paranoid reached 562.53 MHz with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ [Details]


    Highest Frequency Reached with an AMD CPU :
    - Nº 1 : Andrew Warne reached 4813.96 MHz with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ [Details]
    - Nº 2 : MemoryExtremeTeam reached 4101.98 MHz with an AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 [Details]
    - Nº 3 : cpulloverclock reached 4096.01 MHz with an AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 [Details]

    Highest FSB Reached with an Intel CPU :
    - Nº 1 : FUGGER Chilly1 Cascade reached 450.01 MHz with an Intel Pentium 4 EE [Details]
    - Nº 2 : Harleybro reached 450.01 MHz with an Intel Pentium 4 670 [Details]
    - Nº 3 : Carson reached 446.01 MHz with an Intel Pentium 4 EE [Details]

    Highest RAM Frequency :
    - Nº 1 : jjyy reached 700.1 MHz with 256 MB of [Details]
    - Nº 2 : wwwww reached 626.8 MHz with 1024 MB of Corsair [Details]
    - Nº 3 : cdkey reached 606.9 MHz with 512 MB of [Details]


    Lowest Frequency Reached :
    - Nº 1 : viili reached 20.63 MHz with an AMD-K5 [Details]
    - Nº 2 : persivore reached 22.82 MHz with an Intel Pentium [Details]
    - Nº 3 : Daniel Miller reached 33.33 MHz with an Intel Pentium Overdrive [Details]
  5. Follow that link and you can inspect these guys settings, some of the (arguably) worlds best... Fuggar is a regular here.
  6. The difference between Harleybro and me is: I have a PC-6400 vrs, PC-5300. But he has intel 670 vrs my intel 660. Not much difference, what type of cooling did he use?

    Also, I have a SATA 300 hard drive connected directly to my motherboard, but it doesnt run at 3gb/s. Whats wrong?
  7. Here are some benchmarks of the Intel 670, a 3.8GHz CPU.

    Compare it to my Opteron 175 at 2440MHz is a bit faster than the X2-4800 being compared, but is sure beat by Intel in this benchmark!

    But in this one, isnt it where Intel markets its products as being fastest?

    It sure isn't 3Dmark05

    I know, yeah, It is in multimedia creation that Intel dominates...

  8. that's BS... you show the benchmarks run by THG, and they'll show you unbiased benches. Here you pick and choose, and apparently they've rigged the benches.
  9. Toms, unbiased :lol:

    I linked the page, and displayed every gaming bench you twit.
    Read and assess, you might learn a thing or two. And these are over 7 months old, today dual core scores better than these show, so I guess it is biased, and is favoring single core chips.
    Let me guess, your pissed because you own a single core and believe it to be the ultimate fasted gaming CPU... ;)
  10. no offense but why with the intel proc everyoone know's they suck! get an opty 165
  11. obviously that would be a better option but since he already has one you are retarded for asking that to begin with
  12. I have done some research and found that this intel fits my needs pretty good (I would have prefered the EE but that was a bit expensive). AMD is very good at focusing its power so its good for gaming, but I needed something that could do multiple task (including video editing). So I went for the Intel 660.

    One problem though, I cant get the FSB higher than 215. I dont know why, I tried uping the cpu voltage but that didnt help. I keep getting this "memory dumping" blue screen. My memory is a Patriot 2*1GB DDR2-800 and its clocked at 4-4-4-12 2.1v. Could it be the mem?
    Also, I have a 400watt power supply, is that to low?
  13. shut up ak 47 u dont shiy about proc's
  14. fine dont say i didnt wrn you when your electric bill comes!
  15. help would be nice...
  16. :mrgreen:
  17. you could watercool or you could use the ghetto method.water coolin+ dry ice = one extremely cold pc :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. oh i forgot to say that you would also need to be careful with dry ice it burns your finger's and releases carbon dioxide and too much of it can kill you no joke im being serious! this time
  19. How did we go from overclocking my PC to burning your finger with dry ice! :D Anyways, you can only burn your finger if you squeeze the dry ice, I've held it and nothing happens.

    Anyways, anyone have any idea why I cant overclock to more that 220 FSB on my Intel 660? I gave some suggestions above.
  20. rich plz how come intel boards let u oc so high...? is the guy wiht 700mhz fsb is using a 1:2 ratio right? so his ram is at 350mhz.. dont most 939 boards max out at 400fsb in bios?
  21. Later models Intel chips use DDR2 which has higher latency's than DDR RAM and also allows them to clock up higher.
    I imagine the AM2 may level this as soon as released we will see.
  22. but that was an athlon 64 version. 700mhz is bull for ddr2 they can do like 1ghz
  23. what about the voltages to his memory? I'm not sure about DDR2 voltages but 2.1volts sounds low to me, since I use DDR1 @ 2.75 volts. I had a problem booting up at DDR464, so I upped the voltage from stock 2.65 to 2.75 and it booted! :)
  24. Quote:
    what about the voltages to his memory? I'm not sure about DDR2 voltages but 2.1volts sounds low to me, since I use DDR1 @ 2.75 volts. I had a problem booting up at DDR464, so I upped the voltage from stock 2.65 to 2.75 and it booted! :)

    windshear, DDR2 stock voltages are far lower than ddr1 recommended voltages. ddr2 starts at 1.8, whereas ddr1 starts at 2.8. i would imagine putting massive voltage in ddr2 would damage the chips.
  25. I agree, that max I can put my DDR2 at is 2.3v but I'm afraid to go over 2.2! I try and try and cant take my FSB higher than 220. Is a 400watt power supply enough?
  26. that might be cutting it. run a different memory/fsb ratio if memory is holding you down.
  27. That power supply could be hurting you a little. Try going into the BIOS, change the memory to manual adjustment if you haven't done so already, and change the timings to auto. You may have to crank up the PCI-E too. Try that and see what happens.
  28. Quote:
    that might be cutting it. run a different memory/fsb ratio if memory is holding you down.

    I've tried bringing it down from 880 (overclocked) to like 760. That helped in getting me to 220 FSB but not higher. I dont want to bring it even lower, because that would be a waist of my memory.

    Lumin- I have customized the memory timings to match Patriots overclocking tests. But I'll try putting it on auto. I dont have experience w/ PCI-E except my graphics card is on it. How does PCI-E affect my overclocking?
    Also, should i get a higher power supply?
  29. superbytes, since you are getting BSOD's, loosen the memory timings and if needbe speed. you sure putting voltage into a prescott didn't up the overclocking capability? what are your temperatures? also, i need the rest of your setup to know whether or not a 400 watt power supply is enough. not only that-but i need to know what brand 400 watt psu we are talking about here.
  30. OK, heres the computer stats:
    Power Supply: PS 450W - OCZ OCZ45012U ModStream ATX 2.0
    Motherboard: Asus P5WD2 Premium 955x
    Processor: Intel P4 660 3.6GHz LGA775 2MB 800FSB
    Hard Drive: SATAII - Western Digital Caviar SE
    CPU Fan: Zalman 9500
    Graphics Card: GeForce 6600GT w/ PCI-E
    Memory: 2*1gb Patriot PC2-6400
    Other shtuff: 1 cd burner, 1 dvd burner, 3 case fans, 1 floppy drive.

    CPU Temp: 40-45C
    GPU Temp: 40-45C

    Info about timings in detail here:
  31. hm, considering its an ocz psu, i can't imagine that not being enough. try giving the cpu 1.5v and then burn in with 24 hours of prime95 and retry oc'ing.
  32. i'll try that, how does running prime 95 help? does warm it up or something?
  33. prime95 will get it burned in, which is getting the cpu/ram used to the settings. it sounds retarded i know, but it might work and if it creates errors then you will know if your settings are too far.
  34. Yeah that will certainly test your system. That power supply should be sufficient although, you gotta remember the P4s are power hungry. (130w or something relevant to that) so right there is a good chunk of your power. Of course the more you OC it, the hungrier they get. Its all about trial and error man. Its taken me what seems like forever to get my machine where its at now. Of course i'm a very patient person and don't wanna risk burning my house down. :D
  35. I've heard that, due to the larger L2 cache, it can be harder to OC them sometimes...

    and,... I did not know what the voltages for DDR2 were supposed to be. Thanks for letting me know. :)
  36. All right, well I cant get it any higher than 3.99Ghz (222FSB). Unless someone has overlocked an Intel 660 w/ Windows x64 edition, I'm going to blame Windows x64 for not letting me clock it higher... it always goes to the blue screen during the windows load-up.
    I'm just wondering how much Windows x64 actually effects the overlocking, makes a good experiment (hint hint tomshardware) :-)
  37. usually you can overclock it much higher with Windows... the normal version anyways. I don't think there have been any comparison studies between 32bit and 64bit Windows. I think it would be interesting. :)
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