USB PnP Audio Keeps Cutting Out!

Hi all!

I have a Logitech G110 keyboard I just bought and it has the ability to plug in my usb headphones directly to the keyboard for audio. I'm currently using a set of Turtle Beach Earforce X11's.

The audio is perfect while playing games, but when I revert to just websurfing, specifically Youtube, the audio will cut out after a few seconds and I have to constantly keep enabling/disabling the "Playback Devices" to get it to work again. It is EXTREMELY annoying.

Is there something I can do to get this to stop cutting out? I went through control panel and made sure all the USB pnp drivers are up to date, and they are.

Please help!
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  1. what happens when you plug the headphones into the computer USB? (don't use keyboard USB)
  2. Same keyboard here mate, happens to me too, also I jsut recently noticed, whenever I plug any sort of USB peripheral into my PC the audio cuts out for a split second, and thats jsut on my SB-Xfi Card so I dont know if MS has released an update that has caused this but I'm going to keep looking into it. Using Win 7 64bit here. Sounds dumb but ATI drivers have been so crap recently Im relating all problems to that at the moment haha.

    If I find out anything more I will post here.

  3. Updated Info, after I finished posting the last post a few moments ago I uninstalled Catalyst 11.4p and re-installed Catalyst 10.11 as I know that to be the best last known Driver ATI made before Several bugs. Now as I was uninstalling ATI 11.4p I got a message saying there was an issue with Logitech G series Application "Send Error Report". Now that 10.11 is installed I no longer have an audio drop out when plugging in a USB stick. I aslo got no conflicts with the Logitech Driver. If you are an ATi user I suggest going back to 10.11 CCC and re-installing your logitech keyboard Driver, it may resolve the issue. It also may not. But it's the best I can come up with mate to try and help and I hope it does.
  4. I do apologise, after I installed those drivers the sound did not cut out but after several minutes it started again. I do apologise for giving false advice, I hope someone else knows the answer to this.
  5. i have the same problem... keyboard sound drops out while in-game... restart the game and sound comes back...
    this is really irritating. this keyboard is a piece of crap. neither the usb works nor the sound...

    what a waste of money!

    if anybody can help? please! any help will be really appreciated..
  6. Hi bitts,

    Open a new thread on your problem, that is the best way to get helped : )
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