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Stock Cooling for the 3800+ X2?

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February 3, 2006 7:41:10 AM

Is the stock cooler adequite? Is it loud?

I'm more worried about noise. Right now, with the case and PSU, I'll be running fairly quiet (around 25-30 dB). As long as it doesn't sound too loud (40+), I'll probably be happy. I just want to know in advance if it's going to be an issue.

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February 3, 2006 8:15:11 AM

stock cooling is enough but not the best when it comes to cooling. You don't want your CPU's tempareture to reach over 60c or your in trouble.
Check out this cpu heat/sink fan cooler from thermaltake.

and don't forget to use these Artic Silver 5 non-conductive thermal paste.

I change the 120mm fan with Silverstone 120mm fan.

These is what I used to cool down my Pentium D 840 Extreme Edition overclocked from 3.2 ghz to 3.5 ghz without going over 55 at load playing Battle Field 2 and FEAR with highest setting.
AMD runs much cooler than intel so that means lower temps for your CPU.
February 3, 2006 8:41:48 AM

A friend of mine has the 3800+ X2 and he uses the Stock Heatsink & Fan. It keeps temps down to 28-30c idle and 35-40c full load, which is very acceptable temperatures. I wouldn't get carried away with Chuckshissle's selections, unless you plan to overclock to 2.6GHz or more, the stock heatsink fan will do just fine.

~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
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February 4, 2006 1:47:58 AM

If I'm getting a high end one, a friend of mine recomended this one.

However, I think I'll stick with stock and see how it is. Not planning on OCing yet, though I think I'll have room to. The idea, at least for now, is to not spend too much on a cooler if I don't need to.
February 4, 2006 7:03:04 PM

Mike is right. My stock cooling keeps my cpu to 28*C-31*C idle, and 34*C MAX under load. When overclocked its 38*C-41*C idle, and 48*C - 50*C under load.
February 4, 2006 8:57:56 PM

I think he's right. AMD HSF are quite good, no need to spend money on another unless you're planning on heavy OC (The stock HSF handles slight OC fine too!)
February 4, 2006 9:33:52 PM

The Arctic freezer 64 pro came out highly rccomended in a review done by custom PC mag. I have one on my oc'ed 3000+ and it Idles at 27 degrees, 38 degrees under full load @ 2600mhz and 1.6v. There also at least half the price of the thermaltake one, and are very silent
February 5, 2006 12:25:26 AM

Well, I have to say I love my Zalman cooler (the huge copper monster).
Got my Winchester 3000+ overclocked to 3.2 ghz and I'm still averaging 30C idle and 34C at load.
Only problem is I can't change out my ram without removing the cooler, which means yanking out the mother board, first. Some of the newer coolers (the ones with heat pipes) have more clearance.
February 6, 2006 2:30:29 PM

3.2ghz on a winnie how??? :o  Do you mean you increased to the same speed as a 3200+ (2ghz) or an actual clock speed of 3.2ghz cos I really doubt thats possible on air.