I just bought a DFI Geforce4 Infinty motherboard for gamming, anyone have any experance with this board ? I will be running a X2 3800 AMD and a EVGA 7800GT Vidio card.
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  1. According to DFI's website, there are currently 2 NForce4 (vice GeForce4) variants being produced...

    The non-SLI board Infinity NF4 appears to be a socket 754, which of course will not run a socket 939 processor, the X2-3800 included..

    The Infinity SLI board is socket 939...

    Choose accordingly!!!
  2. Sorry I should have said sli
  3. yah i do. i just built a computer w/ the infinity nf4 ultra chipset. niceboard and easy to use. but make sure to updatre the bios if running aq dual core chip!. but runs very smooth for me
  4. What is needed to update the bios?

    I was going to build a new computer from scratch.

    Opteron 165
    DFI Geforce4

    What exactly will I need to do?

    Does anyone have a link that would help me?

    Do you have to have a compatible processor to update? (Please say no.
  5. I'm not sure if DFI has a Windows based BIOS update program like MSI does...

    Otherwise, you'll need a bootable floppy, and follow the instructions at DFI's website...

    (If the board was made within last 6 months, odds are it will ship with a BIOS supporting dualcores already...)
  6. "DFI Geforce4 "


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