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Why can't intel come out with an affordable 64 bit processor? It is needed for Vista and people will be pretty mad if their new computer does not run vista!
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  1. Affordable, the Intel 820 supports em64t and is only $220 making it the most affordable dual core 64-bit processor availer by anyone.
    Now why can not AMD do this?
  2. There are a few 600 series cpus that are 64 bit compatible for sub-$200....

    Not as inexpensive as, say, a Sempron 64/3000 at $69, but not an insurmountable obstacle, either...
  3. Windows Vista will be coming out in x86/32bit edition too.

    So "their new computer" will run Windows Vista just fine; 64 bit or not.

  4. i GUESS...

    we can say to the original poster


    and do some of your own fucking research


    but I kid... I kid

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