hi, i am going to buy a new PC : AMD sempron 2500+ MHz, 512MB DDR 400 RAM, and i want a MOTHJERBOARD with interated VGA (ATI XPRESS 200 chipset). do you think I can play a new games like NFS MOST WANTED or SPLINTER CELL CHT OR HL 2 on this VGA integrated card on my 1280*1024 LCD MONITOR..? or what is a minimal graphic card for playing on hmm.. middle quality,, 1280*1024 or 800*600 BUT with GOOD FPS (more than 20FPS..) thanx
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  1. Puts up a shield to save jozko4 from the flames........ 8)
  2. ??? i dont understand.. please use low level english :)
  3. Intergrated graphics wont cut it for new games. There are guys in here with over 1 grand in GPU power that is over clocked. I figured they would be all over you like white on rice.
  4. He saying that is basicaly not going to happen, I don't know of (doesn't mean there any out there) MB that would allow you to play any game with meduim setting (thats any game made in the year 2005 for sure).

    Also is that a sempron64 or old socket A/462 pin chip ? using an onboard video card you problaby won't even be able to run it in low setting at 640x480. You have to remember that on board video will use your system memory as well and most games require at least 64megs of video which means you will only have about 448 of system memory and most games require at least 500megs.

    That was the long answer short answer is: ITs not going to happend.
  5. the ati express 200 chipset integrated graphics is i think a 8500 or maybe 9100 im not sure buit i think either of the 2.
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