Newegg No Interest for 6 Months?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you guys would recommend this as a means to pick up my new AMD or Intel build in the next week or so? From what I understand I pay nothing for 6 months and all I have to do is pay off the principal within that 6 month time?

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  1. I personally never recommend someone taking out a loan for a minor item like a PC. Depreciation is worse than a car (figuratively speaking - do the math and it probably isn't).

    If you have a decent credit rating, and want to put off paying for 6 mos, then go ahead. Just watch out if you go 6mos +1day. The 21%+ interest rates hurt.

    Also read the credit agreement very carefully. I've seen some of these type deals accrue interest from day 1, then, IF you have the full balance paid off within the 'free period' (6 mos above) you get a credit on the interest. If you happen to have $1 still due at the end of the free period, you also get to pay all that 'free' interest too.

  2. I'll do this sometimes and divide the total cost by the number of months, in this case 6, by one month less, in this case five, and this is what I pay each month. This way I'm sure of not extending beyond the free interest period. Like fishmahn said, if you go over, they nail you.
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